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Solar energy is quickly becoming the most popular source of energy in the U.S., capable of offering a safe and reliable source of power. As a local company, our teams in San Antonio, Austin, Laredo, and Central Texas,  can come up with a fitting solar energy solution for your property. We even offer Tesla Powerwall storage installations!

The Type of Roof You Need for a Solar Installation

One of the biggest concerns that people have when considering a solar installation is whether they need a special type of roof. Those with smaller homes may wonder if their roof is large enough to form the base of solar panels.

Fortunately, however, innovations in solar panel technology mean that they can now be made to fit practically any roof. 

Even if your roof is facing east or west, it will still gain a lot of power (though south-facing roofs are known to maximize the largest percentage of solar energy). If you are unsure whether the size of your roof will be appropriate for solar power or are trying to figure out the direction of your roof, speak to our knowledgeable team members.

Save Money with Solar Power Installation

Some may initially be hesitant about buying solar panels. Since solar panels do require a sizeable cost at the outset, it is no wonder that people want to weigh the expenses before making their selection. But solar panels are not only helpful to the environment — they are great for conserving your money too.

3 Reasons why Solar Power is Valuable:

  1. The ability to save on what you would spend on traditional electricity
  2. The possibility to convert solar energy into a backup storage system in case there is ever a blackout or power surge
  3. The option to receive rebates for using solar energy

Let our techs at C.A.M. Solar, Inc know if you are interested in custom designs for your solar energy system.

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We are properly equipped to install and maintain your new solar equipment but we will also walk you through the design to ensure you have the right solar solution for your home or business.

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As a veteran-owned company, we understand the value of caring for our customers and providing the highest quality care. Our owners are still involved in projects and capable of handling all your solar needs.

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We're more than just an installation company. We handle the whole process in house from design to installation, to maintenance, we can properly take care of all your solar needs.

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