Laredo Solar Installation

Save Money, Save The Planet , Be Independent

“From Ashleigh the Sales rep to each and every person afterward that set up & installed my 61-panel system. They contacted me along the way and always delivered on what was promised.”

Oralia C.

Solar Panels In Laredo, TX

The power of community, the power of the sun

Here in the City Under Seven Flags, we know the power of community. Whether it is the 400,000 of us that gather to celebrate George Washington’s birthday, or adoringly cheering on the Dust Devils basketball team to another Heartland Conference championship, there is a lot to love about living in our “community along the border”.

And the only thing in Laredo that is hotter than the Jalapeño Eating Contest is the bountiful sun we see all year round. So how can you use the power of the sun to benefit your monthly energy costs, as well as your local environment and community? Installing a customized, high-quality solar power system with the local solar installation experts at CAM Solar.

Big Company Capabilities, Small Company Care

Properly Licensed & Insured

We are properly equipped to install and maintain your new solar equipment but we will also walk you through the design to ensure you have the right solar solution for your home or business.

Veteran Owned & Operated

As a veteran-owned company, we understand the value of caring for our customers and providing the highest quality care. Our owners are still involved in projects and capable of handling all your solar needs.

We Do It All!

We're more than just an installation company. We handle the whole process in house from design to installation, to maintenance, we can properly take care of all your solar needs.

Tesla Powerwall

We can also combine your solar panel array with the backup-battery power of Tesla Powerwall. This solar plus storage solution allows homeowners and business owners to save any excess solar electricity generated during the day time for use at night, while the sun is down. This can also be a solution for homeowners looking to completely reduce their energy costs, or take their homes “off grid”.

High efficiency solar, designed for the texas sun

No two solar arrays are exactly alike, nor should they be. Every home presents its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to solar energy, which is why it is so important to trust a solar company that is familiar with the Texas sun. At CAM Solar our goal is to design the most efficient solar energy system tailored to the local climate, using Texas-made Mission solar panels (based in San Antonio).

The first step in designing your customized system for your home or business is with a free solar quote. Your quote will include insights we learn from looking at a year’s worth of historical energy usage, as well as accounting for the peak sunlight (and any obstructions) that your home or business encounters each day. This allows us to customize your solar design for your typical energy usage, so you can reap the benefits of your solar panels for decades to come. A well designed and implemented solar panel installation should provide: