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“I'm very grateful for the high ethics and integrity Mr. Allen demonstrated, and I wanted to let others know. He didn't treat me like another sale, but as a person, and I respect that.”

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If you own a residential or commercial property in southern Texas, you could greatly benefit from a solar installation. With all the sunlight in our region, it is no wonder that the Lonestar State is fourth in the nation for solar power growth. Speak to our techs at C.A.M. Solar, Inc to learn more.

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Properly Licensed & Insured

We are properly equipped to install and maintain your new solar equipment but we will also walk you through the design to ensure you have the right solar solution for your home or business.

Veteran Owned & Operated

As a veteran-owned company, we understand the value of caring for our customers and providing the highest quality care. Our owners are still involved in projects and capable of handling all your solar needs.

We Do It All!

We're more than just an installation company. We handle the whole process in house from design to installation, to maintenance, we can properly take care of all your solar needs.

How Long You Can Expect Your Solar Panel to Last

With updates in solar technology, panels are built to last longer than ever. Nevertheless, panels will experience corrosion over time. Generally, solar panels will degrade in their effectiveness by about 15% in three decades. Panels of an especially superior quality may only degrade in effectiveness by 2.5% over 30 years, but this depends on many factors. If you invest in professional maintenance, your panel may be able to last even longer. Just contact one our reps in San Antonio and we can help you ASAP!

Customizing Your Solar Installation Experience

No two houses are built exactly alike, no matter how similar they appear. This holds true for your solar photovoltaic (PV) systems as well. Since your home or business in San Antonio  is unique in its infrastructure, your solar installation should be individualized as well. This is why you should only seek out solar installations from professionals who can customize your experience. Such technicians can inspect your property in detail to ensure you can gain the maximum amount of energy from your space.

Why an Expert Consultation Can Help You Maximize Energy Savings

Even though most houses and businesses can benefit from solar panels, there are always obstacles that may make solar output less optimal. This does not mean you need to forego a solar installation. If there is anything blocking light from the panels, such as an overgrown tree or a large chimney, we can help you work around this issue. 

Solar experts can tailor your installation based on elements like:

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