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take control of your EC charging station, at home

Electric vehicles are taking the automobile market by storm— and if you are looking to power your EV with renewable energy, CAM Solar now offers homeowners throughout Texas and Colorado the option to take control of their EC charging station, at home!

Whether you have been driving your electric vehicle for years now, or you are planning your move from fossil fuels to electricity, CAM Solar can integrate EV charging into your residential solar plans.

your own home EV charging station with solar

There are many benefits to driving an electric vehicle, like no longer having to worry about gas price fluctuations or shortages, and knowing your commute is no longer leaving a trail of harmful smog behind it. But that doesn’t mean owning an EV is worry free! If you have ever scrambled to find a public charging station, or been shocked at how much it costs to charge an electric car at home, you know that there are still some costs to consider. 

benefits of home EV charging with solar + battery

combining EV charging with solar PV and battery storage

If you are still in the beginning stages of upgrading your home to solar energy, CAM Solar can integrate your solar EV needs into your upcoming solar design. Or,  if you have already gone solar, it is possible to add the solar panels required to offset your EV charging to your existing system (this can depend on how your system was initially designed). Additionally, by adding energy storage to your solar PV system and home EV charging system, you’ll be storing any excess energy to your solar battery to be used for powering your home or car.

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maximizing your impact through "holistic" solar

Utilizing your own solar energy at home will reduce your energy bills and greatly reduce your carbon footprint — which is why so many homeowners throughout Texas cities like San Antonio, Austin, Laredo, Central Texas, Denver, or Colorado towns like Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Aurora, Pueblo, and Golden are going solar in the first place.

However, there are some additional tools and considerations that can maximize the benefits and overall environmental impact of your solar PV system. By driving an electric vehicle that is powered by solar energy, and a utilizing solar battery backup system like Tesla Powerwall that saves any excess solar energy for later use, you are using renewable, sustainable energy for the vast majority of your energy consumption, and reducing your carbon footprint that much more.

cam solar installs level 2 residential EV charging stations with solar and energy storage

With a system of solar PV (photovoltaic) panels and solar batteries designed specifically with your electric vehicles in mind, you can greatly reduce (if not eliminate entirely) the cost of EV charging and then you’ll be driving on sunshine!

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