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Why CAM Solar?

CAM Solar is an award-winning, veteran-owned, design and solar installation team that started in San Antonio, TX. CAM Solar is the leading solar contractor throughout Texas and Colorado for many reasons, including:

  • Our turnkey design, rebate and solar contracting services
  • Our ability to handle all rebate & interconnection paperwork
  • Our ability to handle all necessary permits & inspections

Have A Question? We Have Answers!

How much does solar installation cost?

Since no two homes or solar PV systems are exactly alike, the cost of your solar panel system installation will entirely depend on the solar company you choose and the size of your system to meet your energy needs. CAM Solar can design a custom solar system to match your energy goals.

Where does CAM Solar install solar panels in Texas?

CAM Solar’s Texas operations are based in San Antonio, and we install custom designed solar PV systems in the greater San Antonio and Austin  area.

Wondering if you are in our Texas service area? Check to see if we serve your area.

Where does CAM Solar install solar panels in Colorado?

We also install custom designed solar PV systems in Colorado Springs, Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins, and Pueblo, CO areas, all from our Denver headquarters.

Wondering if you are in our Colorado service area? Check to see if we serve your area.

How long does it take to install solar?

Though the actual installation of solar panels on your roof or property will only take up to a couple of days, the process of designing your custom solar PV system and pulling any permits can take between 30 and 120 days. You can read more details on the installation process of going solar here.

What type of panels does CAM Solar install?

CAM Solar is now an authorized dealer and installer of Panasonic HIT® technology solar panels. These solar panels are designed for efficiency, even in extreme temperatures, and are built to last. Panasonic solar panels utilize a smart water drainage system and are resistant to water stains or damage.

For our customers in Texas, we also install San Antonio made Mission Solar Panels.  In Colorado, we also install Hanwha Q Cell solar panels.

We can also integrate a solar battery like Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Encharge, and a home EV charging station into your customized solar plans, using any of the solar panel products mentioned above. 

How long do solar panels last?

The solar panels we install come with a 25 year warranty from the manufacturer, and inverters also come with a 15 year warranty. And with the CAM Solar guarantee, we provide 10 years of coverage for the work related to your solar installation. We design our solar PV systems to last for decades, giving you the most return as possible on your investment.

What will my electric bill look after going solar?

The answer to this will depend on your solar goals and the size of the solar PV system. For systems that utilize enough solar panels to generate most of the electricity you need during the daytime, oftentimes net metering can offset nearly all of your energy costs.

You can learn more about how to size your solar PV system.

Do I have to have roof mounted solar panels?

It is a common misconception that solar panels can only be mounted on the roof. At CAM Solar, we can help you determine if your roof is optimal for solar installation, or if ground mounting might be more beneficial to your long term solar goals.

Can I see how solar panels will look on my home?

While the design and energy use of every home is different, you can take a look at some of our previous projects to get a sense for what solar panels will look like on a home in your area. When working on your free solar quote, your CAM Solar design expert can inform you of the most efficient place to install your solar panels, so you can get a sense for what your new renewable energy system will look like.

Can my solar panels be damaged by hail?

Solar panels are extremely durable. They're built with a tempered glass top sheet that's specifically made to resist hail damage. If we experience a hail storm, the panels will most likely not be damaged. If the roof around your panels is damaged, your homeowner's insurance will require removal and reinstallation of the panels to allow replacement of the roof. In the rare case that your panels are damaged by hail, your homeowner's insurance would cover the replacement of damaged panels.

Are there any federal tax credits?

The federal government provides a flat 26% solar tax credit based on your portion of the full system price after installation, with no upper limit. The savings come to you as a tax credit. This tax incentive will start to decline and in 2023, it will reduce to 22%, and will be gone for homeowners by the year 2024, unless further extended. Find out more information on the Federal Tax Credit.

What solar rebates are available?

Even though solar panels have dropped as much as 43% in the last five years, there are still other ways to save on the cost of your solar installation. Local Utility Companies throughout Texas and Colorado, like CPS, Austin Energy, and AEP Texas, have solar incentive and rebate programs to help homeowners with the upfront costs or provide incentives towards your solar energy production per kW. 

Plus, if you schedule your solar installation before the end of 2022, the federal government will reduce your tax bill by 26% of your “out of pocket cost” through the Federal Investment Tax Credit.

Does a solar battery system qualify for the same tax savings as solar panels?

Yes! As long as your home solar battery receives 100% of its electricity from a renewable energy source, you can include your battery backup system in the savings offered by the Federal solar tax credit outlined above.

How do solar batteries work?

Solar batteries, also known as solar battery backup power or solar plus battery storage, are connected to your solar panels and inverter and are charged with excess solar generated electricity. These solar batteries can then be used to power your home when the sun goes down, during peak demand periods or during a power outage, so that your home can operate on the maximum amount of free, renewable energy as possible. 

It is even possible to design an off-grid solar PV and battery storage system that completely removes the need for grid supplied power. In systems like these, there is no need for an electricity bill as you’ll be independent from the grid. Off grid solar means your home is no longer at risk of experiencing a grid blackout or brownout, and you will no longer pay higher time of use rates or have a monthly electricity bill.

If the power goes out, would I still lose power even with solar?

Yes. Without a battery backup system, your solar inverter will still need to disconnect your system from the grid. The reason is that utility workers will be working to repair power lines and transformers, and would be in danger if solar PV systems continued to feed power onto the grid.

If you're looking for a solar battery backup solution for your solar energy system, CAM Solar can install a Tesla solar battery, called Powerwall,  Enphase Encharge solar battery, or an LG Chem solar battery. 

Will I still be “on the grid” with solar panels?

Yes, you'll still need the grid to balance out the peaks and valleys in your solar power generation since you won't only be using energy when the sun is out. It's possible to build a completely off-grid system, and this may be preferable in very remote locations; but the additional components needed (solar batteries, controllers, etc.) will add significant cost to your system.

Can an EV charger be connected to my solar panels?

Adding an EV home charger to your solar PV system is a great way to ensure your electric vehicle is running on renewable energy. CAM Solar can include the circuit panel upgrades and extra solar panels required to meet your EV charging needs. Our team can utilize many creative design solutions, like solar carports or ground mounting to ensure that your panels have the least impact on your home, while having the maximum impact on your energy costs.

Will solar batteries get cheaper?

While the cost of many of the equipment and materials needed for solar have fluctuated in the wake of 2020, solar batteries, solar panels, and solar inverters have gotten cheaper and more efficient year after year. However, the availability of rebates and tax incentives are never guaranteed, and at present the largest financial incentive (the Federal solar tax credit) is scheduled to end in just a few short years. From a financial standpoint, in many cases it will make more sense to invest in solar now, to start saving on your energy bills ASAP!

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