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“They stand behind the system during the 5 years I have had it installed they have had to come out twice for warranty and were prompt and helpful in resolving the issues.”

Thomas N.

Solar Company in Austin

Reliable Solar Installation Professionals In Austin TX

The team at C.A.M. Solar, Inc can provide you with the excellent solar installation services you are looking for. Because we believe in customer support, we tailor all our evaluations, designs, and installations to meet your individual requirements. 

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Big Company Capabilities, Small Company Care

Properly Licensed & Insured

We are properly equipped to install and maintain your new solar equipment but we will also walk you through the design to ensure you have the right solar solution for your home or business.

Veteran Owned & Operated

As a veteran-owned company, we understand the value of caring for our customers and providing the highest quality care. Our owners are still involved in projects and capable of handling all your solar needs.

We Do It All!

We're more than just an installation company. We handle the whole process in house from design to installation, to maintenance, we can properly take care of all your solar needs.

Why People Are Turning to Solar Power

More people than ever are looking to the sun as the answer to their energy problems, and for good reason.

Some of the benefits of investing in solar power for your home or business include:

  • The ability to decrease your carbon footprint:
    Unlike many other forms of fuel, solar power is one of the cleanest forms of energy. By using the sun to power your property, you are contributing to greater sustainability.
  • Improved air quality: 
    Because solar power reduces harmful emissions in the atmosphere, it greatly affects the air we breathe. You can reduce air pollution around your home and business, leading to improved health for your family.
  • Easy installations and maintenance: 
    Unlike traditional wiring, solar panels are not time consuming to set up. A professional can install these panels within a day. Moreover, once they are on your roof, solar panels do not require a lot of maintenance.

Is Solar Energy a Good Way to Save Money?

Even though the benefits for our environment are quite clear, some people wonder whether solar panels are a financially safe choice as well. Solar panels will actually help you make up the installation cost and more. When you generate power through solar panels (particularly by using battery storage, such as a Tesla Powerwall system), you can save a lot of money. Depending on the layout of your property, as well as how many panels our techs install, you may be able to cut 80-90% of your monthly energy bill.

Power for Every Day of the Year
Because of the name “solar panels,” people often assume that you can only use solar energy when the sun is out. While it is true that Solar PV systems attain maximum efficiency the more sunlight there is, they still are able to obtain a lot of energy on days when it is cloudy outside. In fact, the light particles scattered by clouds are almost as effective at producing energy.

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