Installing solar panels on your home isn’t just a long term commitment — it’s also an investment. So who can blame you for wanting to know your newly installed solar photovoltaic (PV) system utilizes the best solar panel products available, and is covered under a warranty? Fortunately for homeowners in Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, CO as well as San Antonio and Austin, TX, every aspect of a solar PV system installed by CAM Solar is designed and installed with the best in materials, and is covered under our CAM Solar warranty — so you can rest easy knowing your home has a bright future when it comes to the benefits of clean, renewable solar energy.

Solar Installation Guaranteed To Last

No matter where you live within our service area of San Antonio & Austin, TX and Fort Collins, Denver & Pueblo, CO — when you trust CAM Solar with your solar installation, we back up every job with an industry leading warranty. After we have designed your residential solar PV system to get the maximum out of the local climate and sunshine and we are finished with installation, we will make sure your each aspect of your new solar investment is covered, including:

  • 10 year workmanship warranty

  • 15 year inverter manufacturer warranty

  • 25 year solar panel manufacturer warranty

We also back every CAM Solar installed system with a 20-year true-up, which means we will check your solar panel production to make sure it is producing the renewable electricity we promised you at installation. And if your solar panel efficiency doesn’t meet or exceed our estimates, we’ll write you a check!

The CAM Solar Extended Warranty

You can also choose to extend your entire warranty out to 25 years, for added peace of mind. And though we design our solar PV systems to last for decades of efficient solar energy production, you can rest easy with our extended warranty knowing if anything happens to your system over those 25 years, CAM Solar will make it right.

Solar Energy Systems in San Antonio & Austin, TX

You may already know about the importance of trusting a local expert when it comes to solar installation. But there are also many benefits to using local solar components as well! For those looking to go solar in San Antonio and Austin, TX, CAM Solar installs Mission Solar Panels, which are manufactured about a mile from the San Antonio River. Mission Solar is committed to manufacturing the most efficient and durable PERC solar panels possible, and local utilities are currently offering lucrative rebates for those who use these Texas made solar panels for their home energy.

Solar Energy Systems in Denver, Colorado Springs & Pueblo, CO

For homeowners throughout Colorado, CAM Solar installs Hanwha Q Cell solar panels. These panels are especially aesthetically pleasing, compared to the industry standard. But the real reason CAM Solar installs Hanwha solar panels is for their impressive and efficient technology. Plus, these Hangha Q Cell panels are now made in the USA!

Want to see Hanwha solar panels in action? Check out this aerial footage of a completed CAM Solar installation!

CAM Solar is now an Authorized Panasonic Dealer & Installer

CAM Solar is now the trusted authorized Panasonic dealer throughout Texas and Colorado. We Choose to install Panasonic panels for their versatility, and resistance to the wear and tear that the Texas heat and Colorado moisture. Panasonic solar panels are designed to provide many benefits, such as:

  • State-of-the-Art Heterojunction Technology for increased output

  • A unique pyramid structure captures sunlight more efficiently

  • Increased performance in high heat due to unique cell structure

  • Unique water drainage, that prevents water accumulation and stains

What Else Makes Up a Solar PV System?

It takes more than just solar panels to generate renewable electricity harnessed from the sun here in Colorado and Texas. CAM Solar combines the best in solar panel technology with the latest and greatest inverters, monitoring systems, and backup batteries.

Solar Edge Inverters

Solar Edge Inverters prepare the electric current from your solar panels for use in your home. The benefit to Solar Edge Inverters is that they also act as a monitoring system, so you can track your solar production using an app on your smartphone!

Tesla Powerwall

CAM Solar is now a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer. We can now provide our customers with the industry's most advanced energy storage system.Tesla Powerwall can be retrofitted to fit existing systems, included in a new proposal, or even installed without Solar PV on your home. The benefits of Tesla Powerwall include a self-powered home 24/7, backup power for when there is a power outage, time of use load shifting and home energy monitoring.

LG Chem Backup Batteries

Looking for true energy independence? Combine a battery storage system with your residential solar PV installation so that none of your hard earned energy goes to waste. Battery storage allows you to keep the excess energy your panels generate during the peak sunlight hours, so that you can use it overnight while the sun is down. This greatly reduces (and nearly eliminates) the need to use grid-provided power, and can bring your energy bills down to almost nothing!

Reduce Your Environmental impact & Your Energy Bills

When you are looking for a sound investment in reducing your carbon footprint, reducing your energy bills, and even increasing your home’s value here in Texas and Colorado, CAM Solar is the clear choice. We have your solar needs covered from start to finish, and we guarantee that your system will provide decades of clean electricity for you and your family. It all starts with a free solar evaluation. So don’t wait — call CAM Solar today!


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