The choice to go solar is an important step when it comes to securing a financially and environmentally sustainable home here in Texas and Colorado. The technology used in solar electricity is constantly advancing and growing, so when it comes to including solar battery storage in your solar PV system plans, choosing solar equipment that can be updated to keep up with your energy needs will mean a brighter future for your solar energy and all the benefits that come with it

How Enphase Encharge Batteries Work

The Enphase Encharge storage system connects to your solar energy in between the solar inverter and the home, saving your solar electricity for later use — like overnight. This allows homes to be powered 100% by solar energy, completely eliminating a traditional electricity bill, removing the risk of experiencing a power outage, and giving your family greater energy independence

Enphase Encharge

Better Solar Battery Design with Enphase

The key to designing a successful solar battery storage system is determining the number of solar panels and the amount of battery storage required to meet a home’s energy needs year-round. These systems are not only powerful — they’re resilient, and designed to last well over two and a half decades. A rigid system would require a homeowner to maintain the same or less energy use for 25 years, which isn’t ideal in most cases. Enter Enphase.

The Enphase battery solution takes this into account by allowing homeowners to upgrade or downgrade their storage at any time based on their evolving energy needs. Choose the Enphase Encharge 3 ( 3.36 kWh) or Enphase Encharge 10 (10.08 kWh), combining multiple modular units to meet your exact energy needs. 

Maximum Reliability 

Since a solar battery storage system holds all of the energy your home requires, your batteries need to be impressively reliable. The three batteries inside each Enphase Encharge 10 unit include bi-directional IQ™ 8 microinverters, which allow any two batteries to continue operating if one happens to go down.

The best part? App-integration enables you to identify the problem through the Enphase Storage monitoring app and resolve the issue before any further damage is done. 

Take Control of Your Solar Energy

Not only can you monitor how much solar energy you have in your solar battery storage, you can also monitor where that energy is going. With automatic load control, you can see which appliances are using the most energy and adjust accordingly. This further optimizes your solar energy use, reducing the number of solar panels and batteries your home requires. 

Enphase Encharge

Include Enphase Encharge in Your Solar Installation Plans

If you are looking to buy Enphase Encharge or are wondering about Enphase Encharge battery costs, ask the team at CAM Solar about battery storage and your free solar quote. We can determine the best solar PV system for your San Antonio, Austin, or Denver home, and include a solar battery option like Enphase Encharge or Tesla Powerwall!

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