solar panels installed on a roof

Do Solar Panels Keep Your Home Cooler?

Installing solar panels on your homes roof comes with more benefits than you may think. In addition to providing a steady source of electricity, you can expect cooler temperatures in your attic area and home. The solar panels in addition to absorbing some of the sun’s rays to transfer into electricity will reflect and act as a break for thermal energy.

solar water heater on the roof of a home

Passive Vs Active Solar

Using solar energy as a source of heating is growing in popularity for many reasons. Recycling solar energy is good for the environment and saves a lot of money on winter electricity bills. Active solar energy can be captured in solar heating systems and solar water heaters.

diagram or solar panel system

How Solar Panel Systems Work

From sunrise to sunset, solar systems converts sunlight into electricity. The system turns on automatically in the morning and turns off automatically at night. A solar electricity system is comprised of 3 main sections: the solar panels, a solar inverter, and an electric meter. Additional components can be installed on a solar panel system that includes a battery storage, and a solar monitoring system.