Denver Health Center wisely chose to include solar as part of their 2020 building renovation. CAM Solar installed this 29.1kW commercial solar energy system. 

In addition to energy-efficiency measures taken, the solar production from the building will offset 45,000kWh of energy used each year! In addition to saving more than $75,000 over its life, this project pays for itself in less than 9 years and has a 10.5% annual rate of return!

The system not only looks great but helps the center appeal to a new eco-conscious generation of clients.

Project Specs:

  • 29.1kW commercial rooftop solar installation
  • Mission Solar 310W solar panel modules
  • 45,000kWh in energy savings annually
  • $75,000 lifetime savings
  • ROI 9 Years 
  • 10.5% annual rate of return

Rooftop Solar Potential Assessment

Denver Health Center solar potential analysis CAM Solar

Commercial Solar Installation - In Progress

Denver Health Center commercial solar installation in progress CAM Solar


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