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Advances in solar panel technology have made residential solar installation a wise long term investment. With solar panels that will last upwards of 30 years, CAM Solar professionally installs solar systems for homes in San Antonio, Austin and Denver, CO so your family can save on your energy bills.

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Find out how many solar panels your house will need when you go solar. As a leading solar contractor in San Antonio, Austin, and Denver, CAM Solar is here to help you understand the many factors that determine solar PV system size, including home energy usage, solar panel efficiency, and roof size.

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Harness the power of the sun in your home, day and night, by combining solar energy with a battery pack. CAM Solar has been serving the solar installation needs of Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX and Denver, CO for over 25 years, getting you the right solar solution for you and your home.

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The sunlight your San Antonio, Austin or Denver home receives is crucial to how much energy your residential solar electric system will generate. The experts at CAM Solar will properly assess the roof of your home to get you the most from your solar installation in Texas and Colorado.

Rooftop Solar System

CAM Solar just completed a residential solar installation in the Emerald Forest Neighborhood in San Antonio. This system is powered by the world's most efficient solar panels from Sunpower paired with SolarEdge DC to DC power optimizers. The solar electric system incorporates 23 Sunpower modules and 2 SolarEdge 3800 watt tranformerless inverters. The family chose to go with the 20% highly efficient modules because they wanted the best, top quality solar panel on the market. They chose the SolarEdge optimizers to increase production and monitoring granularity as well as provide added safety... Read more

Bill Sinkin

The recent passing of Bill Sinkin–founder of Solar San Antonio and Build San Antonio Green–is a great loss for the community of San Antonio and the country as a whole. A true activist, he supported and fought for racial equality, public health, and water issues. He will truly be missed.

Chart: Hourly Average Breakdown of Renewable Energy Resources

The recent “FlexAlert” emergency in California due to high natural gas demands in the Northeastern US as temperatures dipped to frigid levels, creates some questions about the US’s ability to sustain the power necessary with the heavy reliance on natural gas and the related infrastructure.

Haiti Press Release Picture: Man Standing next to Solar Groundmounts

CAM Solar, Inc. decided to volunteer to install an off-grid solar photovoltaic system for the Louverture-Cleary School, located outside of Port Au Prince, Haiti, after reading an article in the Wall Street Journal just weeks after the devastating earthquake which struck the area in January 2010. The island has a notoriously unreliable electrical grid and a severe problem keeping its water supply clean. CAM Solar believed solar electricity would be an excellent way to make a difference, while teaching a few of the locals about how solar energy systems work and how to install and maintain... Read more

CAM Solar Data Visualization with Moss on Charts and Maps of U.S.

For centuries, people have been finding ways to gather power from the sun. The ancient Romans put glass and mica in their southern-facing doors to harness the sun’s warmth. In 1861, August Mouchout created a steam engine fueled by the sun.

Road & Sunset

If you’ve browsed news headlines recently, you’ve probably noticed that solar power has become a hot topic of discussion. A new project called Solar Roadways has taken the world by storm with an idea that would revolutionize the way we drive.



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