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Learn how time-of-use rates and demand response charges work, and how you can shift your home energy use to reduce your electricity bills. CAM Solar can take your energy savings a step further with solar plus battery storage installation, allowing you to keep the lights on during an outage and save on electricity.

Residential Home Solar

Many homeowners want to make the switch to solar, but question whether making the switch will pay off in the long run.

Solar Saving Money

Solar panels are becoming increasingly common here in the United States, and you’ve likely started to see them on more and more homes in your neighborhood.

Residential Solar Home Tesla

Taking the leap away from the safety net of the electricity grid has many advantages, as more homeowners across the country (and especially in Colorado and Texas) are learning.

If you have been considering purchasing an electric vehicle (EV), or have already done so, navigating the process of charging your EV can feel like learning to drive all over again. Will you be able to do all of your EV charging from home?

Residential Home San Antonio

If you know San Antonio, you know the Texas sun all too well.

Summer Solar Panels

When it comes to paying for your own system of solar panels to be installed up on your roof or somewhere on your property, there are two options for homeowners: leasing or buying solar panels.

Energy Saving Summer

Think back to the middle of winter, when the cold mornings and cloudy days had us all yearning for the sunshine of summer. Well, the summer has finally arrived and while we can get back to the outdoors, we’ll probably still want to enjoy the indoors - even after the last year of the pandemic!

Colorado Home Solar

What is it about Fort Collins that makes the area ripe for solar installation? Learn more about how to take advantage of the 230+ days of sun here in Fort Collins with the help of CAM Solar. CAM Solar designs and installs all types of solar PV systems, including Tesla Powerwall battery storage to increase your energy savings.

Tesla Powerwall on house during storm

Learn how a battery storage backup system like Tesla Powerwall can increase your home's resilience to unexpected, extended power outages while also saving you from outrageous energy costs. CAM Solar installs Tesla Powerwall combined with custom designed collar PV systems in Texas and Colorado.



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