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Founded in San Antonio, CAM Solar looks to provide a brighter future for our local community through green initiatives, community involvement, and trustworthy customer service.

The owners of CAM Solar studied the huge potential of solar and other forms of renewable energy. It was the start of a lifelong love affair where making a substantive difference in the lives of Texans was a genuine possibility. They set off to empower their vision with specialized training and their overwhelming desire to assume the active role of converting the people of Texas to Solar. They devised a company charter that defined for themselves their role: “to provide the smartest solar -engineered solutions that are as right for their customers as they are for the environment”. These are words the Company lives by.

Many hours spent on the roof, learning about the best products to integrate into their highly engineered solar solutions came first. Getting into the trenches with developers, roofing and electrical contractors who gave them the broad stroke view, allowed the founders of CAM Solar to perfect their techniques, engineering prowess, construction timetables and specialization in doing just solar electric systems that have made them the true experts in doing solar in San Antonio. In 1990, this was an unusual place to be. Solar was barely a twinkle in anyone’s eye. But CAM Solar went in with an eye to the future and a growing confidence in what solar would mean in a world over run with expensive petro-fuels that were questionable environmentally even back then.

In all this was an opportunity to create a business built on doing the right thing, to provide a better path for homeowners and businesspeople. Those who shared the desire to help themselves lower the cost of energy at the same time as helping the earth be a better place. Time has passed and there are more and more enlightened minds who trust in the path that CAM Solar has created and are reaching towards the most powerful star of all, the sun, to reach their shared goals.

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Our Team

CAM staff photo Brian, solar installer

Brian Cullen, President

There is an exhilarating force within Brian Cullen. His passion for his family, his town and his chosen profession are present in abundance. A graduate of the School of Renewable Energy at San Juan College, Brian served his country as a Marine in the Persian Gulf War. After the end of military service, he headed for the Chicago Board of Trade where he honed his decision-making ability and figured out what was his real calling was: increasing the proliferation of renewable energy with the plan to play an active role in how the world is powered. Together with Daniel Moyer he launched CAM Solar to be the best solar-only energy system provider in San Antonio. A NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional TM and a licensed Journeyman Electrician, Brian is now at the helm of all operations at the company’s headquarters in San Antonio.

CAM staff photo jeff

Jeff Bunge, CTO

Jeff is our leader and CTO here at CAM Solar.  His background and experience in Mechanical Engineering and logistics along with his extensive time in the Solar Industry has been the perfect combination to help develop and refine our process here in Denver.  Along with wisdom and solid direction, Jeff’s regular pop culture references and jokes have made this an office filled with laughter and joy as well as hard work.

Ben Blair Head Shot

Benjamin Blair, Marketing Manager

Benjamin has spent the vast majority of his career in business development and marketing. He has applied his unrelenting work ethic and passion for knowledge into developing a series of long term marketing materials and campaigns for the company. With a quick wit and optimistic personality, Benjamin has become an integral part of both the culture and operations of the organization.

CAM staff photo ted

Ted Olson, Solar Consultant

As a native son of Colorado, Ted loves the outdoor lifestyle and the beauty of nature offered by our state. As a Solar Consultant, Ted relates well with his customers and has a talent for really listening and identifying their priorities and needs. While some may attribute his success to his awesome beard, his customers contribute it to his ability to listen and his knowledge regarding solutions.

CAM staff photo jordan

Jordan Yingling, Solar Consultant

Jordan is one of our most passionate advocates for renewable energy here on the Colorado team.  To anyone that spend even a few moments with Jordan it is apparent that he is a kind and generous person.  His genuine and no-pressure approach has endeared him to his customers and generated long term relationships and a robust network of referrals.

CAM staff photo matthew

Matthew Daniels, Jr. Designer

Matt works with our design team. With a background in graphic design and 3D animation, Matt's passion for beauty and creativity have been a very welcomed addition to our design team. His boisterous energy and love for his work has brought joy to the entire team and helped fill the office with laughter.

CAM staff photo wolz

Jeffery Wolz, Lead Design Engineer

Wolz, as he is affectionately known here at CAM Solar, is a native son of Colorado that got his Chemical Engineering Degree from UC Boulder.  After years of working as a technical engineer for a local defense contractor, Wolz is now following his passions and using his considerable skill set to design the most efficient Solar PV systems in the country for homeowners right here in Colorado.

CAM staff photo bryan

Bryan Rudolph, Solar Consultant

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Bryan is both an athlete and an artist.  His days off are spent playing hockey, doing yoga, and hiking in the mountains.  The most common feedback from customers regarding Bryan is how astounded they are that someone so young could have amassed such an immense amount of knowledge of the Solar industry.

CAM staff photo chris

Chris Stalilonis, Solar Consultant

Chris spent the majority of his career in the Oil and Gas industry. After having his two daughters, he developed a passion for renewable energy and has quickly become one of the most accomplished solar consultants in the greater Denver area. As a father, husband, and homeowner himself his expertise in the energy industry has made him a valuable resource for homeowners interested in transitioning to Solar.

CAM staff photo kevin

Kevin Krieger, Solar Consultant

Kevin has spent his career in fundraising and educational development.  As a local homeowner and family man, he was originally introduced to our team as a customer.  After his experience with his own system, Kevin turned his passion for helping others into an opportunity to help his neighbors here in Colorado convert their homes to Solar.  His natural charm and intelligence have made him an excellent representative of CAM Solar, and a knowledgeable asset for his clients.


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