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Founded in San Antonio, CAM Solar looks to provide a brighter future for our local community through green initiatives, community involvement, and trustworthy customer service.

The owners of CAM Solar studied the huge potential of solar and other forms of renewable energy. It was the start of a lifelong love affair where making a substantive difference in the lives of Texans was a genuine possibility. They set off to empower their vision with specialized training and their overwhelming desire to assume the active role of converting the people of Texas to Solar. They devised a company charter that defined for themselves their role: “to provide the smartest solar -engineered solutions that are as right for their customers as they are for the environment”. These are words the Company lives by.

Many hours spent on the roof, learning about the best products to integrate into their highly engineered solar solutions came first. Getting into the trenches with developers, roofing and electrical contractors who gave them the broad stroke view, allowed the founders of CAM Solar to perfect their techniques, engineering prowess, construction timetables and specialization in doing just solar electric systems that have made them the true experts in doing solar in San Antonio. In 1990, this was an unusual place to be. Solar was barely a twinkle in anyone’s eye. But CAM Solar went in with an eye to the future and a growing confidence in what solar would mean in a world overrun with expensive petro-fuels that were questionable environmentally even back then.

In all this was an opportunity to create a business built on doing the right thing, to provide a better path for homeowners and business people. Those who shared the desire to help themselves lower the cost of energy at the same time as helping the earth be a better place. Time has passed and there are more and more enlightened minds who trust in the path that CAM Solar has created and are reaching towards the most powerful star of all, the sun, to reach their shared goals.

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