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Texas is uniquely poised to harness the power of renewable energy from the sun.  The Lone Star State ranks 4th in the nation for solar. Developers and utilities can see that SOLAR is going to be a big part of the energy business throughout Texas. Besides being specialists in San Antonio, Austin, Laredo, and Rio Grande Valley in Texas, our team brings the knowledge and experience you need to harness the power of the sun to all across Texas.

Tesla Powerwall Now Available in Texas

In addition to CAM Solar's turnkey solar design and installation services, CAM Solar is also a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer, helping Texas homeowners and businesses with a full solar energy storage solution. 

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We at CAM Solar make going solar easy for your Austin area home or business. As one of the best solar companies in Austin, Texas, our team will help you through every step of the process, from selecting the right photovoltaic (PV) system, to solar permitting, installation, and taking advantage of... Read more
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The Power of Community, the Power of the SunHere in the City Under Seven Flags, we know the power of community. Whether it is the 400,000 of us that gather to celebrate George Washington’s birthday, or adoringly cheering on the Dust Devils basketball team to another Heartland Conference... Read more
Rio Grande Valley
There are a few things here in the Rio Grande Valley that homeowners can count on without fail: lots of beautiful Texas citrus fields, triple-digit summer temperatures, and loads of sunshine. While grapefruits, oranges, tangelos, and lemons may be some of the most lucrative crops for farmers in the... Read more
sa skyline
Solar Panel Installers in San Antonio, TX San Antonio may be a historic city, but that doesn’t stop us from embracing the future. And for all of us here in Texas, the future is renewable energy! The Local Solar Panel Experts in San AntonioIf you’re looking for a solar installer near you in San... Read more

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