Solar Promotions & Special Offers

When it comes to solar panels costs and the expenses associated with installing a solar PV system on your home, you want to be sure you are getting the best deal possible. Here at CAM Solar, we keep track of all solar panel manufacturer promotions, utility rebates, savings on solar related technology, and special offers on financing so that we can help our customers throughout Colorado and Texas reduce their solar installation costs.

If you have been doing the research on solar installation costs, and have even tried out solar panel cost calculator, don’t forget the big solar savings that can be found right here! 

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Complimentary Vue Smart Energy Monitoring

CAM Solar has partnered with solar monitoring pioneers at Emporia to include a Vue Smart Energy Monitoring system with every CAM Solar installation. This allows you to see real-time energy usage in your home, separated by 8 different areas or rooms, as well as the actual solar output of your customized solar PV system. 

You’ll optimize your home energy usage, and get the most out of the renewable energy that is coming from your solar panels. 

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Special Solar Financing: $0 Down & No Payments for 12 Months

CAM Solar is now offering a special financing option for homeowners that want to own their solar PV systems outright but would rather spread the upfront installation costs out via monthly payments. 

You can finance the total cost of your solar PV, Tesla Powerwall, and Smarthome energy monitoring system with $0 down, and we will make your payments for the first 12 months! 

CAM Solar financing incentive promo $0 down no repayments for 12 months

Looking for more savings, like Texas and Colorado solar panel incentives or the federal solar tax credit? Learn more about how you can reduce the cost of solar with these solar incentives.

Combine these savings with available tax credits and rebates—CAM Solar is here to handle it all when it comes to solar installation! Get a free solar quote today by calling 210-227-3456 or get in touch here.


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