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Are you a home builder or contractor in San Antonio, Austin, TX, or Denver, Colorado Springs CO looking to integrate solar into your new home design? If you want a residential solar electric system for your home build, we can fully integrate a solar electric system into new construction. Hiding cables and wires is easier, and mounting solar panels is a breeze when you consider solar at the beginning of your project.

Home Design With Solar In Mind

A home that already has a state of the art solar system installed is an easy sell to potential homebuyers. It removes the inconvenience of scheduling an aftermarket roof installation and comes with built in energy savings. Selling points include:

  • Higher resale value

  • Immediate energy savings

  • Seamless solar integration

  • Reduced carbon footprint

The benefits of solar give your homes a competitive advantage, setting your design apart from traditional homebuilders.

State of the Art Homes with CAM Solar

Our team of experts at CAM Solar will pair your new home design with the latest and greatest in energy efficient solar panel technology, taking into account the roof angle, direction, peak sunlight hours, and surrounding shade obstacles to get the most from the sun’s energy. If you are looking to build homes that are state of the art, going solar is the place to start. Get in touch with one of our experts today to integrate solar in to your new homes, and see what tax incentive and rebates you may qualify for when installing solar.

Looking to make your new home design state of the art? Integrate solar into your plans today. Call 210-227-3456 or contact us to get started.


Sell your homes faster when you build them with solar in mind.

Get solar for your new build with CAM Solar

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