Want to take advantage of the many benefits of clean solar energy, but worry about the upfront cost of solar?

Thanks to dropping solar prices, valuable rebates, and tax incentives, going solar is more affordable than ever. Solar prices have dropped as much as 50% over the past five years, and local utility companies are paying up to 50% of installation costs upfront to home and property owners who are installing solar.

Add to that the 30% federal solar tax credit, and it’s no wonder so many people in Texas are going solar.

Available Solar Rebates in San Antonio

If you’re considering installing solar panels on your home or property here in San Antonio, it’s important to know about the valuable solar rebates that local utility companies are offering. Currently, you can receive rebates from CPS Energy.

CPS Energy Solar Rebate Incentive Program

CPS Energy allocated an additional $15 million for solar rebates starting in April 2018 — $9 million for residential systems and $6 million for commercial systems. The rebate incentive is up to $0.70 per AC Watt for systems that use locally-manufactured components:

  • $0.60 per AC Watt base incentive
  • $0.10 per AC Watt premium for local modules

Rebates are especially for CPS Energy customers and are capped at 50% of the project cost. They are also limited to $25,000 for residential systems and $80,000 for commercial systems.

Save When You Go Solar with CAM Solar

With these rebates and incentives, a solar PV system is a more valuable investment than ever before. You’ll experience benefits like lower energy bills, a reduced carbon footprint, and increased property value, all while saving as much money as possible.

With CAM Solar, saving when you go solar is simple. We are an award-winning solar design and installation team based in San Antonio and make the process of qualifying for rebates easy by handling the entire paperwork process for you. Because we are a registered contractor with local utility companies and understand the details of these local rebates, we can help you to determine the right system size and type for the most cost-effective solution.

Going solar can be affordable. Contact us or call 210-227-3456 today to find out which rebates you may qualify for!