Portable Generators vs.
Standby Generators

Portable generators:

  • Require manual start-up
  • Require extension cords which must be rated for the proper load and distance from the power source
  • Must run extension cords from each appliance through an open window to the generator
  • Need to be continually filled with gasoline. Requires gasoline storage or reliance on gas station supply (gas stations can’t pump gas without power)
  • The homeowner must be present to start the generator when the power goes out and refuel throughout the day and night.


Standby generators:

  • Automatic start-up during power outages
  • Wired into your home’s electrical panel- no extension cords run from generator to appliances
  • No need for refueling- runs on your home’s existing fuel source: either natural or LP gas
  • Automatically transfers power to the generator when utility power goes out—whether you are home or not.
  • When utility power resumes, the generator shuts down and resumes monitoring – always standing guard over your home.
  • Priority items to back up:
  • Refrigerator/freezer
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Well Pump
  • Sump Pump (where applicable)
  • Home Office
  • TV (Reported by those who experienced extended outages)

kohler generator has many awards

KOHLER® STANDBY GENERATORS: The Industry’s leading generator since 1920.

KOHLER standby power generators have a well established reputation for being reliable, durable and powerful performers in comparison to other standby or portable power generators.

With its best-in-class warranty and best-trained dealer professionals, KOHLER is the best value on the market offering more affordable and safer power supply solutions with several design advantages including:


    • SAFETY – A properly installed standby generator does not pose a carbon monoxide poisoning threat
    • The operator does not have to go outside in hazardous weather conditions
    • There is no refueling close to a hot engine
    • There are no running extension cords in wet conditions
    • Hands-free disconnect from utility prevents dangerous back feeding to power lines
    • Beautiful generator stays more attractive even in the harshest of climates with corrosion-proof enclosure


  • AFFORDABILITY- Natural Gas or LP fuel vs. gasoline
  • QUIET – enclosures muffle sound levels so everyone can sleep.
  • SPEED* – Faster restoration of power in dangerous, dark conditions. Ten second, automatic activation time to turn on lights and hard-wired appliances during a power outage – whether the customer is home or away.
  • STRONG PERFORMANCE* – Greater maximum power versus Generac’s 20 kW. Can start more large loads like air conditioners without shutting down other appliances.
  • SUPERIOR POWER QUALITY* – Protects electronics from the potentially damaging effects of poor power quality. Allows HVAC and security systems to function optimally. Modern homes have higher loads than years ago with an increase in size and number of electronic devices.
  • EXTRAORDINARY RELIABILITY – Enjoy security of knowing the generator will operate flawlessly when needed.



  • Building Products MVP Award
  • Green Builder Hot New Products Award
  • Builder magazine Brand Leader Award
  • Highest quality rating (2009 & 2010)
  • Leading consumer magazine top-rated and best buy product


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