Builders: The More Solar, The Better.

Multi Unit Residential Solar Electric Systems San Antonio

solar power on top of a ceramic tiled roof

Many of the top homebuilders and apartment building developers have their eye on San Antonio. Whether you are a local developer or moving in to take advantage of the market, CAM Solar can be your resource for installing your multi-unit solar electric systems. We have many years of experience as San Antonio’s oldest solar-only company. The highly skilled engineering team at CAM Solar understands just how much value solar power adds to homes, condominiums, low-income housing, hotels or apartment complexes.

A recent study by Wells Fargo Bank and the Journal of Appraisers stated that adding a residential solar electric system adds value at a rate of 20-to-1 of the savings in utility savings. If you are in the business of selling homes or developing residential projects of all sorts, your customers will have long term equity value in a home they purchased from you. That would mean an average 5-kw solar system would add $13,000 in equity to the home it was installed on. Who can resist that sales pitch?

You can rely on CAM Solar to add value to every multi-unit solar electric system project. Our solid solar support team partners with you every step of the way to provide just-in-time delivery to your jobsite and ensure that installation goes as smoothly as possible.

CAM Solar appreciates your investments in San Antonio. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find the Texas solar energy expertise your projects require!

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