Solar Power Facts and FAQ

Why Cam Solar?

CAM Solar is an award winning, veteran owned, design and installation team headquartered in San Antonio and:

  • Offers turnkey design, rebate and solar contracting services
  • Handles all rebate & interconnection paperwork
  • Handles all permits and inspections

How Is This Possible?

  • Solar panel prices have dropped as much as 50%
  • Local Utility Companies like CPS, Austin Energy, and Oncor will pay up to 40% of your install cost upfront
  • The Federal Government will reduce your tax bill by 30% of your “Out Of Pocket Cost”

Are There any Federal Tax Credits?

The Federal Government provides a flat 30% credit based on your portion of the full system price after installation, with no upper limit. The savings then comes to you as a tax credit. The qualifying system must provide electricity for your residence and must meet applicable fire and electrical code requirements. For more information on the Federal Tax Credit, click here.