Solar Installation in Golden, CO

Overlook of Golden, CO

Our corner of the greater Denver area may be the birthplace of the Jolly Rancher, but it is also home to “jolly” Coloradans of multiple occupations, not just ranchers! And whether you are one of the jolly homeowners of Golden, CO that cools down after a long day by opening the fridge to grab a silver can with the blue Rocky Mountains on it, you prefer watching the Nuggets make another playoff run, or both,  you need electricity to keep your home running, and comfortable. 

But what if you could secure renewable, clean, free energy for the next couple of decades? The opulent sunshine that the skies of Golden see each year makes the greater Denver area ideal for solar installation, which is one of the reasons CAM Solar has chosen to keep our  Colorado offices here. This means homeowners in Golden, CO looking for a trusted solar installation contractor don’t have to go far to find the best in the business!


Have you been looking for ways to lower your monthly utility costs, decrease your carbon footprint, and reduce your home’s reliance on the greater “grid”?  

The many benefits of solar energy are far reaching, affecting your home, your wallet, your community, and your planet. 

When you invest in solar energy, you can:

  • Spend less on energy costs for the life of your solar PV system

  • Reduce your carbon footprint 

  • Decrease demand on the greater electrical grid

  • Promote the health of our local environment

  • Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels 

Residential Solar Installation in Golden, CO

Only the best in solar design and installation will ensure you can squeeze the most out of these benefits, which is why at CAM Solar there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to installing solar. We customize each and every solar PV system to the exact needs of the home it's installed at, to maximize the durability, efficiency, and reliability of each system.

Residential Solar

Commercial Solar Installation in Golden, CO

It isn’t only homeowners who can benefit from solar energy from a solar PV installation from CAM Solar. Our solar experts also work with Colorado business owners across Greater Denver to help our local companies invest in their futures with the power of solar energy. Find out more about going solar for your Golden business with a free commercial solar consultation

Commercial Solar


Solar and Tesla Powerwall in Golden

If you want to completely cut ties with the Colorado electric grid, you can add battery storage like Tesla Powerwall to your system, which allows you to save any excess energy that is generated during times of low demand. These solar plus storage systems can eliminate your energy costs, and improve the resiliency of your home (especially during an Excel or Golden Energy Partners outage. 

Tesla Powerwall


Solar Incentives for Golden

After we have determined which kind of solar PV system is right for your energy needs, our team will then help you qualify for any and all available rebates and incentives in Golden to reduce the overall cost of your installation. These can include rebates from solar panel manufacturers, or solar incentives from Colorado utilities.

Also, with a well-designed system, most if not all of your energy costs can be eliminated or offset, thanks to programs like

The First Step in Your Golden Solar Journey: A Free Estimate 

CAM Solar will help you design the best solar PV system available, tailored to your needs, and we’ll help you save on the cost through rebates and incentives. So how do you get started? With a free estimate! Our virtual solar estimate will outline the full picture of your solar installation process, from how long installation will take, to how much it will cost after rebates and incentives, and the details of your 25-year warranty or CAM Solar extended warranty. Take the first step in your solar journey today and start living a life powered by renewable electricity, with CAM Solar.

Live a life powered by the Golden sunshine! Start your solar journey with CAM Solar. Get a free estimate by calling 210-227-3456 or schedule yours here.


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