Solar Installation in Fort Collins, CO

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Here in Fort Collins, “access” is a big deal. Access to the beautiful views of the Front Range, outdoor activities, like whitewater rapids, mountain biking, and hiking trails, craft beer and wine, the metropolitan glimmer of the Mile High City, and much more. 

But an often overlooked asset to the Fort Collins area is the access to abundant sunshine, and the access homeowners have to the renewable energy that comes with solar panel installation! CAM Solar is the trusted solar installation contractor in the Fort Collins area, offering full-service residential solar installation, commercial solar installation and battery backup options like Tesla Powerwall

Maximizing the Fort Collins Sunshine

One of the reasons we are able to enjoy so many activities here along the Cache La Poudre River is the over 230 days of sunshine we see every year. Put that sunshine to work for your home, with a system of solar panels in Fort Collins,  designed exactly for the geographical location, your energy needs, and your home. 

With CAM Solar, your solar energy installation journey starts with a free quote. We will evaluate your property and come up with a customized solution that takes the following factors into account:

  • The location and positioning of your home

  • The pitch and design of your roof

  • Any ground mount options

  • Your current electricity needs

Your new solar PV (Photovoltaic) system will be designed to cover as much of your energy usage as possible, allowing you to save even more through incentive programs like net metering and utility rebates. 

Battery Storage with Tesla Powerwall in Fort Collins

When the sun goes down, your solar panels will no longer be able to provide electricity, unless you can save the excess energy converted during the daytime. We can prepare your home for decades of around-the-clock renewable electricity using a number of backup power options, like Tesla Powerwall. Battery storage unlocks the full capability of your solar panels, allowing you to save your solar energy for use during times of low solar production, during power outages or avoiding time of use peak rates.  


Save on Solar Installation in Fort Collins with CAM Solar

CAM Solar is here to help homeowners and business owners begin their journey to a solar-powered home or property, and we’ll help you save on the cost through Fort Collins solar rebates and incentives. 

With the federal solar tax credit, you can take 26% of your total solar installation costs off of what you owe in federal taxes through 2022. Plus, Fort Collins Utilities is offering homeowners rebates of up to $1,000 for new system installations. Customers may also receive credit for the electricity generated by their PV system through the utility’s net metering program

So how do you get started? With a free estimate! Our virtual solar estimate will outline the full picture of your solar installation process, from how long installation will take to how much it will cost after rebates and incentives and the details of your 25-year warranty or CAM Solar extended warranty. Take the first step in your solar journey today and start living a life powered by renewable electricity with CAM Solar. 

Get an idea of what your home (and your energy bills) will look like with solar! Schedule a free solar quote today with CAM Solar in Fort Collins,  Colorado at 210-227-3456 or get in touch here


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