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Solar Panel Installers in San Antonio, TX 

San Antonio may be a historic city, but that doesn’t stop us from embracing the future. And for all of us here in Texas, the future is renewable energy! 

The Local Solar Panel Experts in San Antonio

If you’re looking for a solar installer near you in San Antonio, there’s no better company to turn to than CAM Solar. We make it simple to go solar and will be there to help throughout every step of your solar energy journey, from selecting the right photovoltaic (PV) system to handling permitting and installation, and making sure you receive valuable solar rebates.

Since we started up in 2009, CAM Solar has installed thousands of systems throughout Central Texas and developed solar expertise that’s unmatched in the area. We’re proud to be one of the best solar panel companies in San Antonio, TX, and we’ll use our expertise to find you the right solar panel system for your budget and power needs. 

The San Antonio Climate Is Ideal for Solar Energy 

Wondering if it’s worth it to install solar panels in San Antonio? The answer is yes, absolutely! The local climate is ideal for installing solar panels on your San Antonio home, with warm temperatures and an average of 224 sunny days per year. 

However, some homes’ solar production potential can be affected by shadows produced by trees or other buildings, or by the roof’s orientation. The solar pros at CAM Solar will assess where to optimally place solar panels on your property to be least affected by these factors—all part of our free on-site consultation. 

Residential Solar in San Antonio 

Now is the perfect time to install a photovoltaic system to power your San Antonio home, especially with the amazing incentives, rebates, and special offers available. We’ve found that the average return on investment for residential solar upgrades increases as solar panel efficiency rises and prices fall. 

During your free solar consultation, one of our technicians will generate a 3D computerized model of your home to simulate expected solar panel performance and energy production on your home’s roof. Depending on the results of our evaluation, we may recommend: 

Roof-Mounted Solar Panels 

Most residential solar panels are roof-mounted. If your home’s roof requires reinforcement, we’ll add extra struts and beams to ensure your roof will support the extra weight of a solar panel system. Your CAM Solar expert will work with the layout and orientation of your roof to design a solar panel system that maximizes efficiency and reduces upfront costs.

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels 

If your roof is not oriented in the right direction to maximize the sun’s light, a ground-mounted solar panel system may be the right choice. Ground-mounted solar panels require an ample amount of yard space but can be a great option for heavily shaded properties or those with poorly oriented roof surfaces.

San Antonio Home Solar

CAM Solar Commercial Solutions in San Antonio

If your business bottom line is shrinking due to escalating electricity costs, it may be an optimal time to invest in a solar panel system. Solar panels have a reasonable return on investment for most installations and are easily expanded to grow with your business. If you plan on relocating or selling your company in the future, solar panels add value to your property for prospective buyers.

CAM Solar started in 2009 as a commercial solar installation team and grew to offer residential installations. Since we opened our doors, we’ve gained critical knowledge and experience about large solar panel installation projects, allowing us to streamline the process and reduce costs. When you choose to install commercial solar panels on your property, you’ll join many San Antonio business owners who elect to cut power costs, become solar independent, and improve the environment through renewable energy.

Solar Batteries 

CAM Solar is a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer offering world-class solar battery storage solutions to San Antonio homeowners and businesses. Combining Tesla and solar panels at your San Antonio home or business will: 

  • Maximize power generation 

  • Ensure electricity during a power outage 

  • Protect you against rising utility costs 

  • Increase your energy independence 

  • Further reduce your carbon footprint

Solar Rebates and Incentives 

Going solar can reduce or eliminate your energy bills, but that’s not the only way to save with solar. There are many solar incentives available to San Antonio homeowners and businesses, including the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). 

More commonly known as the solar tax credit, the ITC allows homeowners and businesses to earn a federal tax credit worth 26% of the cost of their solar panel installation in 2021 and 2022. The ITC is on a step-down schedule, however, and will drop to 22% in 2023 before being eliminated for homeowners in 2024. Businesses will be eligible for a 10% credit from 2024 on. 

Cost of Solar Panels in San Antonio 

The cost of solar panels can vary greatly depending on the type and amount of solar panels you choose, the pitch and design of your roof, add-ons like solar batteries, and much more. Because there are so many factors at play, the best way to get an accurate estimate is to request a free solar quote from CAM Solar.  

Partner with the Best Solar Providers Near You at CAM Solar   

Here at CAM Solar, we believe in the power of solar energy and we want to help expand residential and commercial solar in San Antonio. Offering the highest quality solar energy products and installation services, we are the best solar company in San Antonio, TX and you can count on us to get your solar installation done right the first time. Check out our FAQs to learn more about the benefits of going solar, and reach out to our team today to get started! 

Looking for a solar installer you can trust in San Antonio? Get in touch with the pros at CAM Solar. Call 210-227-3456 or click here to get your free solar quote.

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