Rio Grande Valley Solar Installation

Rio Grande Valley

There are a few things here in the Rio Grande Valley that homeowners can count on without fail: lots of beautiful Texas citrus fields, triple-digit summer temperatures, and loads of sunshine. 

While grapefruits, oranges, tangelos, and lemons may be some of the most lucrative crops for farmers in the Valley, the solar energy from Texas sunshine is one of the most lucrative products for homes and families here west of the gulf!

Solar Installation From Brownsville to Rio Grande City

CAM Solar takes Texas-sized pride in offering the best in solar design and installation for homeowners throughout the Rio Grande Valley, including Brownsville, McAllen, Edinburgh, Harlingen, and Pharr. Here’s what you should know about going solar with your home energy.

Getting It Done, Under the Sun

When it comes to choosing the right solar company, local expertise counts. If your solar contractor is going to design and install a solar PV (photovoltaic) system that will provide the maximum amount of clean, renewable energy as possible, they will need to be familiar with the local climate.

At CAM Solar, we make it our business to understand what makes the Rio Grande Valley so unique. Our goal is to design the most efficient solar panel installation possible, using Texas-made Mission solar panels, based in San Antonio. When you schedule your free solar quote with CAM Solar, we will take the insights we gather from a year's worth of your actual historical energy usage, and compare it to the sunshine your specific home will see all year long. This allows us to customize your solar electric system for your specific energy needs, so you can reap the benefits of your solar panels for decades to come. With a well designed Texas solar electric system, you’ll get:

  • Reduced (or even eliminated) electricity bills

  • A smaller carbon footprint

  • Reduced environmental impact

  • Increased home value

The RGV Solar Contractor You Can Trust

Utilizing solar power for your home energy isn't just an environmentally friendly move — it’s a smart money move too! CAM Solar designs solar electric systems that will last for decades, so you can pay off the cost of your solar installation as quickly as possible and start seeing the full financial benefit. CAM Solar is also a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer offering RGV homeowners and businesses solar energy storage solutions with the now available Tesla Powerwall solar battery.

We will also help you save on your installation costs, through the Federal Solar Tax Credit and any and all local rebates and incentives! CAM Solar also designs and installs commercial solar PV systems for businesses throughout the Rio Grande Valley, in cities such as: 

  • Brownsville

  • Edinburg 

  • Mission 

  • San Juan

  • Rio Grande City

  • Harlingen

  • Weslaco

  • Pharr

  • McAllen

The sun is shining in Southern Texas — put that sunshine to work! Schedule your free, no-obligation solar quote with CAM Solar, by calling 956-448-0244 or you can get in touch here.


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