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Making the switch to solar energy should be made easy for your Colorado Springs home, and the experts at CAM Solar are with you every step of the way. From your first consultation, to choosing the right solar panels or solar battery, and on through filing the correct permits, rebates and incentives, our solar installation professionals want you to reap the benefits of harnessing the power of the sun for your home energy needs. 

Take Full Advantage of Sunny Colorado Springs

In Colorado Springs, taking advantage of the average 250 days of sunshine means year-round energy savings. When you choose a solar installer, working with a contractor that knows the year-round climate of your region is paramount. CAM Solar can install an efficient solar system that is optimized for the direct Colorado sunlight and unobstructed by foliage and other buildings. It all starts with a free on-site consultation.

Solar for Colorado Springs Homes

Installing a photovoltaic (PV) system to power your Colorado Springs home has never been an easier choice. With the amazing local and federal incentives, rebates and deals running on solar panels, seeing a return on investment when installing solar on your home doesn’t take long. Solar panel efficiency has advanced greatly over the last ten years, and the price of panels continues to fall.

During your free consultation, we’ll generate a 3D model of your home to simulate how different photovoltaic systems will perform on your roof, and what kind of energy returns you can expect to see.

Solar for Colorado Springs Businesses

If your business is suffering from high overhead due to electricity costs, it may be time to invest in a solar electric system. Just like with a residential system, solar panels pay off over time and have the ability to grow with your business by creating a little bit of monthly “breathing room” in your budget. Even if you plan on moving your company to a different location or selling it in the future, solar panels will add value to your commercial property.

CAM Solar started as a commercial solar installation team and grew to offer residential installations. Since we opened CAM Solar in 2009, we’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge about large solar panel installation projects and streamlined the process to keep the costs low for you. Installing solar panels on your commercial property not only has the benefit of cutting electricity costs or helping you become energy independent but also allows you to invest in improving the environment through renewable energy.

We install commercial solar projects all throughout Colorado, including Colorado Springs. For more information visit our solar for businesses page.

Tesla Powerwall Available in Colorado Springs

If you're looking to maximize your solar power generation and gain more energy independence, look no further than adding a Tesla Powerwall to your solar energy system. CAM Solar is a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer offering solar battery solutions for your Colorado Springs home or business.

Looking to go solar for your Colorado Springs home or business? Contact us to see how much you can save on your monthly energy bills.


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