Brewing Science Institute in Woodland Park reached out to CAM back in 2018 to help come up with a strategy to address their energy usage from power-hungry refrigerators and freezers for their manufacturing of brewing yeast.

CAM was able to design a beautiful, 75kW system which will generate 105 MWh/year!

This project will return over $200k and offset the equivalent of planting 61,000 trees over the 25-year life of the system.

Project Specs:

  • 75.6 kW commercial solar installation
  • Generates 105 MWh annually
  • Mission Solar 310W solar panel modules
  • ROI $200k
  • Offsets 61,000 trees over lifespan

Brewing Science Institute 75.6kW commercial install project - side electric panels

Brewing Science Institute commercial solar installation wide view


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