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Solar powered energy has made great strides in the past year. But how much more beneficial is solar power in comparison to fossil fuels?

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Think solar panels just power our homes and businesses? Check out these unusual and amazing products and structures that run solely on sunlight.

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The world has become much more “solar savvy” in the past several years, but amazing new facts and figures about the potential of solar power are being released every day.

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The state of Texas has been a national leader in embracing solar technology for quite some time, and now its capital city is furthering its legacy with an ambitious new endeavor.

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The White House announced on Thursday, September 17th that it will begin a new initiative to train 50,000 veterans in solar panel installation over the next 6 years, beginning this fall on at least one military base. The new training program is among several other projects the White House is rolling out in an attempt to cut carbon dioxide emissions by over 300 million tons by 2030;

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With giant arenas, elaborate light shows, and larger-than-life Jumbotrons, professional sports are one of the last entities you expect to see scaling back in the name of going green. However, according to recent news, that may be changing.
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Good news for those of us in the Alamo City: A recent report by the Environment Texas Research & Policy Center announced that San Antonio ranks in the top 10 U.S. cities as leaders in solar energy.

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If you’ve browsed news headlines recently, you’ve probably noticed that solar power has become a hot topic of discussion. A new project called Solar Roadways has taken the world by storm with an idea that would revolutionize the way we drive.

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For centuries, people have been finding ways to gather power from the sun. The ancient Romans put glass and mica in their southern-facing doors to harness the sun’s warmth. In 1861, August Mouchout created a steam engine fueled by the sun.