Cleaning Solar Panel with a Mop

A light cleaning and some checking for wear are the only maintenance that solar panels need.

Solar Technician Installing Panels on Roof

solar panel works by letting light in. The light is made of photons. The photons interact with electrons in the panel, cutting them off from atoms.

Solar Panel Ground Mount 3


Solar panels covered with an acrylic coating can withstand the onslaught of 2-inch wide hail. This statistic comes from a study conducted by Arizona State University, one of the top solar pa

solar panel with increasing stacks of money on it

Are you a homeowner? Are you intent on selling your home? If you are, have you ever asked yourself if it’s worth installing solar panels?

Solar Panel on Roof

Solar powered energy has made great strides in the past year. But how much more beneficial is solar power in comparison to fossil fuels?

outlet silhouette against sunset

Think solar panels just power our homes and businesses? Check out these unusual and amazing products and structures that run solely on sunlight.

solar panels

The world has become much more “solar savvy” in the past several years, but amazing new facts and figures about the potential of solar power are being released every day.

water skyline view of downtown austin texas

The state of Texas has been a national leader in embracing solar technology for quite some time, and now its capital city is furthering its legacy with an ambitious new endeavor.

Today we’re going to discuss the basics of a solar panels and solar panel choices for creating clean, cheap energy for your