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Learn the ins and outs of qualifying for the Federal Investment Tax Credit, also known as the Federal Solar Tax Credit. CAM Solar has helped homeowners save on their energy bills and their taxes through custom-designed & installed solar PV systems in Denver, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, CO, and Austin & San Antonio, TX.

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Did you know that solar panels can offset your cooling costs, and even reduce your need to use your air conditioner? Take the heat out of your summer energy costs with the solar experts at CAM Solar — serving the solar installation needs of Denver, Colorado Springs, & Pueblo CO, San Antonio & Austin, TX.

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What is energy independence when it comes to your home's electricity? Energy independence through solar installation provides benefits for your pocketbook and your community. Learn more from CAM Solar about professional solar installation in San Antonio, Austin, TX, and Denver, Colorado Springs & Pueblo, CO.

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If you’ve done the basic research on solar energy and solar installation, you’ve probably seen the pros and cons of solar battery storage mentioned a time or two.

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Get help applying the cost of your residential solar installation for savings on your 2018 taxes from the Texas and Colorado solar experts at CAM Solar. 2019 is the final year to save 30% on what you owe on your federal taxes, so take full advantage of the Federal ITC today!

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Learn why scheduling your solar installation for the winter is the best way to go solar. The experts at CAM Solar install professionally designed solar systems in Denver, Colorado Springs, San Antonio and Austin all year round, so you can take advantage of the clean renewable energy of the sun.

Hail Storm

Will all the damaging hail affect your new solar panels? Solar panels today are rigorously tested to withstand hail storms. And what about the provided warranty on your new solar electric system? Talk to the Central Texas and Colorado solar experts at CAM Solar.

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Solar panels may bring renewable energy to your home, but will they make your roof look ugly? Advances in solar cell manufacturing has given Texas and Colorado homeowners more options when it comes to how their solar electric system looks. Increase your home's value when you trust the experts at CAM Solar.

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As solar electric systems take their place as the future of sustainable, renewable home energy, you should know the real numbers. Will going solar save you money? Trust the solar experts at CAM Solar, serving Austin & San Antonio, TX, and Denver & Colorado Springs, CO with professional solar installation.

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Learn what goes into the process of going solar here in Colorado. From federal and state tax incentives to local utility rewards and rebates, CAM Solar has the info you need before going solar. Take full advantage of Colorado's abundant sunshine and start saving on your energy bills while conserving energy!