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Living in Denver, you already know how integral the sunshine is to our everyday life, even when the temperatures are sub-freezing and snow covers the mountain tops (as well as our driveways).

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The benefits of solar energy goes beyond just generating clean electricity for your home from the solar panels on your roof.

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Learn why you should act quickly to reduce your net solar installation costs through the federal solar tax credit, and what other incentives are available. CAM Solar offers certified solar installation throughout Denver, Pueblo, Aurora, Colorado Springs, San Antonio, Austin, Laredo, & the Rio Grande Valley.

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One of the most lucrative aspects of installing a system of solar panels on your home is how to best take advantage of the savings from the Federal Solar Tax Credit.

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If you combine a solar battery storage system, like the Tesla Powerwall with solar panel installation, will you still qualify for the 2020 tax credit for solar panels? CAM Solar walks you through the details of the Federal Solar Tax Credit in 2020.

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Did you know you can finance your solar installation for a monthly payment that is close to what you already pay in electricity costs? Own your solar PV system here in San Antonio, Austin, TX, Denver, Colorado Springs, or Pueblo, CO when you partner with the solar installation experts at CAM Solar.

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Learn why upgrading to solar energy for your business is an investment in the infrastructure and resilience of your commercial property. CAM Solar is San Antonio's commercial solar installation expert, with offices throughout Texas and Colorado as well. Learn why solar is a smart investment, here.

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Are you wondering which utility companies offer net metering here in Laredo, or how you can save on the cost of solar installation? CAM Solar has compiled everything you need to know about utilizing solar energy in your Laredo home, including how to keep the lights on during an outage with battery storage.

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As the electricity grid ages in both Texas and Colorado, and electricity use continues to rise in our homes, more and more homeowners are preparing for an increase in power outages, blackouts, and brownouts.

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Want to know how long you can run an air conditioner using solar energy and Tesla Powerwall? CAM Solar walks you through the specifications of Tesla Powerwall, and what it takes to keep your home cool while running your air conditioner during a power outage.