Solar Panel Roof

Installing solar panels on your homes roof comes with more benefits than you may think. In addition to providing a steady source of electricity, you can expect cooler temperatures in your attic area and home.

Solar Heating System

Using solar energy as a source of heating is growing in popularity for many reasons. Recycling solar energy is good for the environment and saves a lot of money on winter electricity bills.

Rooftop Solar Panels

If you live in a neighborhood that is a part of a homeowners association or property owner association, you may run into some issues when installing solar panels on your home.

Large Building with Solar Windows

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How Solar Works Graphic

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House with many solar panels on roof

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Solar Thermal on Roof

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Solar panel on home's roof with sunflower

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Roof Mounted Solar Panels

For households interested in solar power, determining peak sun hours is a critical step in helping the system run as efficiently as possible.