January 12, 2022
Solar Home

When investing in solar energy for your home, you’re going to want to answer a few questions to ensure that your home is prepared for solar panel installation! If you are one of the many homeowners throughout Colorado or Texas that are interested in powering their homes with renewable solar energy, here are three questions to determine if your home is ready for solar. 

1. Can You Reduce Your Monthly Energy Usage Now?

The cost of installing solar panels greatly depends on how many panels you will need. So if you want to reduce the cost of solar, reduce your energy usage! Make your home more efficient from the outside in, with upgrades to your insulation and the overall air seal of your home, which can reduce energy loss from your heating and cooling systems.

Transitioning away from an old furnace and air conditioner to a versatile and efficient heat pump or mini-split is another terrific option to reduce your energy use. From there, optimizing your energy usage for times of day that have high solar potential, and embracing smart solar monitoring can maximize your solar energy once your panels are installed. 

2. How Old is Your Roof? 

Installing solar panels on your roof will make replacing your roof much more difficult (and expensive). A typical solar warranty is 25 years, meaning if you don’t think your roof will last the next two and a half decades under the cover of your panels, you should consider replacing your roof before installation.

The design of your roof will factor into the design of your solar installation, as well. The angle and direction of your roof will determine if roof mounting or ground mounting your solar panels will provide the most energy in the long run. 

3. What Are Your Energy Goals?  

What are the goals you have for your new solar energy investment? Are they...

  • To greatly reduce your energy costs?

  • To reduce your reliance on grid-supplied energy?

  • To avoid time-of-use rates and unpredictable energy prices? 

  • To reduce your environmental impact?

  • To create an all-electric smart home?

  • To offset your EV charging costs?

Whatever your energy goals, CAM Solar can design a solar PV system to meet them. We can even take your goal of reducing your reliance on the grid, and turn it into taking your home off the grid entirely! With solar battery backup options like Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Encharge, you can save your solar energy for use overnight. When paired with the right number of solar panels, this can mean 100%  energy independence for your home. 

How To Get Started with Solar Installation

Even if you aren’t sure your house is good for solar, you can get the conversation started today! Schedule a free solar estimate for your Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Pueblo, Golden,  or Fort Collins, CO home, or your residence in San Antonio or Austin, TX. Our team can walk you through the design process, assess your home location and design, and come up with a plan that includes your personal energy goals as well as any rebates, incentives, and tax savings (like the federal solar tax credit) that you qualify for!

Is your roof suitable for solar panels? We can tell you! Schedule a free solar estimate with CAM Solar at 210-227-3456 or get in touch here.


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