February 4, 2019
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Sure, solar panels may come with all kinds of benefits for your carbon footprint and your wallet—but what do they actually look like? It’s very common for homeowners to be concerned about ugly solar panels, and whether or not they will affect the look of their home. After all, in order for solar panels to provide your home with sustainable, renewable energy, they need to be mounted to your roof, right?


Roof mounting is not the only option for solar panels, and there are plenty of solar panel designs available today to fit nearly every size and style of home. Solar energy is the smart choice—and smarter isn’t uglier. Especially when you trust CAM Solar with your Texas and Colorado solar needs!

Raising the Roof

There have been many advances in both the efficiency and the look of solar panels in the last ten years. You may have even seen some of the “solar shingles” that have generated buzz lately as a roof replacement (which look great but still have a ways to go in the efficiency department). When you are looking to go solar, you are no longer stuck with a single option on where to mount your new solar panels or what they actually look like.

A lot of our inquiring customers here at CAM Solar come in concerned about how their roof will look with solar panels on them. But what about removing that concern entirely and mounting your solar electric system on the ground? The sun’s power still reaches the ground (a shocking revelation, we know…), so as long as you have space on your property to mount your solar panels, our solar specialists can find the perfect direction and angle to mount your solar panels so they do no impact the carefully constructed curb appeal of your home!

Still looking to mount on your roof? Well you’ve still got options.

High Energy, Low Profile

As solar panel manufacturing has grown, so have the options you have as a homeowner. There are multiple types of solar cells used in solar photovoltaic panels:

  • Monocrystalline

  • Polycrystalline

  • Thin-film solar

  • Amorphous

These different types all vary in how they look, and how efficiently they convert the sun’s rays to electricity. Obviously, beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to the look of a home. But in general, the less reflective the solar panel, the lower the profile, reducing the impact on your home’s appearance. Monocrystalline, thin-film and amorphous panels have a more uniform look, and polycrystalline panels have a more abstract and random reflection (and tend to look a little more blue in color).

CAM Solar provides a wide range of solar panels, and our primary concern is choosing a solar electric system that fits your needs—instead of the needs of any sales goals or quotas! From the solar cell construction, to the look of the metal mounting, CAM Solar has something for every home. You can browse our previous work in our portfolio to see get an idea of what might work for you!

What Your Solar Roof Says About You

As we mentioned before, you probably already have a good idea of what financial benefits await you with a fully functioning solar electric system. But did you know that solar panels also increase the overall value of your home? You can expect an additional $3 per watt of your solar array on the resale value of your home. So if you have a 7 kW system, that’s an added $21,000 when you decide to sell your home!

Not only is solar energy a long investment into your home, but it sends the message that you are serious about your carbon footprint and finding renewable solutions for the electricity you use at home.

CAM Solar: Where Smarter isn’t Uglier

Remember back when having eyeglasses made you look “nerdy”? Well, times have changed, geek is chic, and solar panels don’t make your home uglier—they make it smarter. If you are looking for a residential solar solution for your Austin, San Antonio, TX, Denver, or Colorado Springs, CO home, CAM Solar has all the expertise you need to find an attractive solar panel array to fit your exact needs. You’ve got nothing to lose, so call CAM Solar for your free solar quote today!

Worried about how your solar panels will look? Don’t worry; we’ve got options. Call the experts at CAM Solar for your free quote at 210-227-3456 or you can contact us today!


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