December 17, 2019
CAM Solar's Solar Secrets Guide Book View

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You Deserve to Be Informed

When it comes to investing in the future of your home, you want to make the best choice you possibly can. No one wants to fall victim to a sneaky sales tactic or make a rushed decision without all the information, that’s why we created the Solar Secret Guide

The Solar Secrets Guide was created from our management team’s more than 75 years of combined experience in the solar industry across both solar sales and installation, and it highlights our extremely valuable and lesser known tips to maximizing your savings with solar panels and avoiding getting burned by dishonest salesmen. 

We always recommend getting multiple quotes, but we have learned from our customers that comparing quotes apples-to-apples can be extremely difficult. That’s why the Solar Secrets Guide also takes a deep dive into how to compare quotes effectively and demystify confusing proposals. 

Why are we sharing this information with you? 

Because CAM Solar is a local veteran-owned solar company that is devoted to providing homeowners with a high-quality solar experience that truly saves homeowners money.

Don’t miss your chance to learn these industry secrets. Get in on them right now! 

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