February 19, 2019
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The holiday season has passed, and the long wait for the warmer spring months begins. It may not seem like a particularly sunny time of year, but that is the exact reason why winter is the prime time for installing solar panels on your home or business! Here’s why winter means quick and easy installation, and maximum energy savings when you partner with the Texas and Colorado solar experts at CAM Solar.

Does Snow Affect Solar Panels?

You wouldn’t be alone in assuming snow cover would render a solar panel useless. But the surface and angle of most solar panels are designed to prevent snow buildup. Plus, even in the event of light buildup, snow scatters and diffuses the light for even distribution along the photovoltaic cells of a solar panel. Overall energy production might go down from the reduction in sunlight, but the efficiency of a solar electric system can actually increase in cooler temperatures.

Higher Temperatures, Higher Demand

The heat of the summer can trigger many homeowners and businesses to start considering lowering their cooling costs. This surge in solar interest makes scheduling during the summertime much more difficult, and certainly less convenient. If you are looking for flexible scheduling, winter is the time to call CAM Solar.

Be Prepared for the Summer Sun

The summer months see the most sunlight hours of the year, and that’s no surprise. Installing your residential or commercial solar array in the winter ensures that your system is up and ready to go as soon as the sunshine starts to pick up, so you don’t miss out on a minute of energy savings throughout the sunnier months. This is particularly effective for financial incentives from your local power utility, like net metering. Most homes that use solar energy actually generate more energy than they can use during the day, and net metering allows your utility company to buy back and give you credit for the clean, renewable energy from your solar panels.

Winter Roofs Are Ideal

Despite the snow, a winter roof is much more pleasant (and in most cases, safer) than a roof that is baking under the summer sun. Snow can be planned for, with warmer clothing and any necessary shoveling. But from June to September, both Austin and San Antonio see an average high of over 90ºF, with days reaching over the triple digit mark. That kind of heat will make a roof unbearable, enough for us to keep our crews inside.

CAM Solar: Your Texas and Colorado Solar Contractor

From your free initial evaluation to filing the final rebate paperwork after your installation, CAM Solar will be with you from start to finish. Don’t wait for the warmer weather to schedule your solar installation in San Antonio, Austin, TX, Denver or Colorado Springs, CO.

Start your journey towards renewable solar energy this winter with a free quote from CAM Solar. Call 210-227-3456 or contact us today.


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