September 24, 2019
panasonic HIT solar panels

Have you been going down the “internet research rabbit hole” trying to find the best solar panels to install on your roof or property? You’re not alone. Many informed homeowners and business owners throughout Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, CO, San Antonio, and Austin, TX come to us asking which solar panels are the most efficient, the best priced, and most durable. 

Here at CAM Solar, we have been paying close attention to the advances in solar panel manufacturing for nearly 30 years. As solar panels have dropped in price and skyrocketed in efficiency and output, we have zeroed in on the best manufacturers and the best products to provide to our customers. Our extensive testing and research has led CAM Solar to become a Panasonic Authorized solar installer of Panasonic HIT solar panels. Here’s why.

High Performance, High Efficiency Solar Panels

Did you know that solar panels are designed to last for over 25 years? With a lifespan of over two decades, the solar panels you choose to install on your roof or property are integral to the lasting success of your residential or commercial solar energy. Panasonic has engineered their HIT solar panels to withstand the common pitfalls of solar installation, like water damage and decreased performance in high heat. 

The features of Panasonic HIT solar panels include:

Smart Water Drainage Design

When it rains or snows here in Texas and Colorado, your solar panels should self sufficiently drain any moisture safely from the surface. The superior drainage design on Panasonic HIT panels prevents excess water accumulation, which means your solar panels are at a reduced risk of water stains which can inhibit your overall solar panel performance. 

Pyramid Structure & Dual-Sided Cells

The solar cells of Panasonic’s HIT panels are designed to reduce the solar reflection that is common for other flat-surface solar panels. This maximizes solar efficiency and absorption in conjunction with the dual-sided design feature, which allows the solar panel to capture the sun’s rays from both sides of the panel. 

The Best Solar Panel Temperature Coefficient

The solar industry experts over at Energy Sage rank the Panasonic HIT temperature coefficient as the best in the industry, at -.26%. What does that mean? It means that for every degree above 25ºC, a Panasonic HIT solar panel will only lose .26% if its output compared to other panels that would lose more. 

Guaranteed Durability

Panasonic HIT solar panels come with an industry standard 25 year warranty, and are guaranteed to remain at 90.76% output efficiency after the 25th year. When you combine that with the expert installation of CAM Solar and our 10 year workmanship and 15 year inverter manufacturer warranty, you can rest easy knowing your solar PV system will provide decades of energy savings as it reduces CO2 emissions, which is an excellent return on your investment. 

Made In America

As of 2018, Panasonic has partnered with the Tesla manufacturing facility in Buffalo, NY to bring Panasonic solar panel manufacturing to the US. 

CAM Solar: Your Local Panasonic Authorized Solar Installer

CAM Solar has been in the solar industry for a long time, and we stand by the philosophy that no two homes are exactly alike. There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution when it comes to the type of solar panel you use for your home, but if you are looking to install the best available solar panels on the market today, look no further than CAM Solar. Our solar design experts will know which efficient panels will provide your home with the cleanest, renewable solar power for decades to come. 

Looking for the most efficient solar panels on the market? Ask CAM Solar about Panasonic HIT solar panels today! Schedule your free solar evaluation by calling 210-227-3456 or reaching out here.


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