April 16, 2020
black solar panels on the roof of a white house

There are a few things about homeownership that unwittingly expand your interests. For instance, you probably didn’t think to learn too much about the right kind of gardening equipment until you had the available space to plant a garden, or what the most durable roof shingles might be until you had your own roof over your head. 

The same can be said for solar energy — once you take the leap to powering your home with renewable energy, it’s not surprising you’d want to start analyzing the energy usage of your home. However, not many homeowners have access to the information they need to optimize their home energy usage!

This is why CAM Solar is partnering with the energy monitoring experts at Emporia to provide a complimentary Vue Smart Solar Home Energy Monitor with every solar purchase in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Pueblo, CO, San Antonio, Austin, Laredo, and the Rio Grande Valley, TX.

Emporia Vue and CAM Solar Smart home energy monitoring system tech

Emporia Vue: Smart Solar Home Monitoring

Monitoring your solar production is one thing, but monitoring the energy usage of your entire home in relation to the output of your solar panels is another. The Vue Smart Solar Home Energy Monitor, combined with an expertly installed CAM Solar PV system, allows you to not only see second-by-second reports on how much renewable energy your panels are producing, but also which appliances in your home may be using the most of that energy at any given time. 

All of this valuable information is available to you wherever you (or more accurately, you and your smartphone) are. Through the Emporia mobile app, all of your solar production and energy consumption data is sent securely over your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi to the cloud, where it is analyzed and delivered to your mobile device.

With a Vue Smart Solar Home Energy Monitor, you can separate your home’s energy consumption by area:

  • Heating and Cooling

  • Bedroom

  • Pool

  • Bathroom

  • Guest Room

  • Kitchen

  • Basement

  • Garden

This allows you to optimize and reduce your energy consumption while maximizing the free, renewable energy provided by your solar panels. Plus, you can also quickly and easily identify if there are any issues with your appliances, or with your solar panels. 

Emporia Vue smart home energy monitoring how it works diagramEmporia Vue smart home energy monitoring circuits

CAM Solar: Giving You the Tools You Need

At CAM Solar, we know that your solar journey does not end once we make your system operational — it’s just beginning. We are committed to designing and installing a system of solar PV (photovoltaic) panels that will efficiently provide renewable energy for decades, while also arming you with the tools you need to properly utilize your environmentally friendly investment. This is why we are including an Emporia Vue monitoring system with each new solar installation! It all starts with a free solar quote from CAM Solar. 

Want to minimize your energy consumption, and maximize your solar energy production? Get a Vue solar monitoring system from CAM Solar. Get a free quote at 210-227-3456 or get in touch here.


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