November 15, 2021
Commercial Solar

Installing solar on your commercial property or business has already been shown to have many financial benefits, such as:

  • Lower or eliminated operating energy costs for decades

  • Impressive tax savings that reduce installation costs

  • MACRS depreciation

  • Increased real estate values

...and many other reasons! Utilizing renewable solar energy to power your local Texas or Colorado business can have a lasting impact on the future of your business. Here’s why. 

Solar Is Good for the Planet

Adopting solar energy as one of your energy sources taps into the renewable energy from the sun. This means a reduced environmental impact for your business through lower carbon emissions. By helping reduce the speed of climate change, you are helping to ensure we still have an inhabitable earth upon which to do business!

Your Customers Are Likely Also Concerned About the Environment

According to a recent Gallup  survey, half of those surveyed believe that environmental protections should be given priority, even at the risk of curbing economic growth. You know your customer base best, but for many businesses, showcasing a dedication to renewable energy and the environment can attract customers that are looking to spend their money with someone who shares their values. 

Reduced Risk of Power Outages

By reducing the demand on the grid with solar panels and sending your excess energy back to the grid (if net metering is available in your area), your business can decrease the risk of a grid-wide outage during high demand periods. In order for solar to provide 100% protection from a power outage, you will need to also invest in solar battery storage, which can be especially important if your business relies on cold storage for food, medicine, or supplies. 

Solar Could Provide a Boost In Real Estate Value

Solar has been shown to increase property value by an average of 4% - and while there isn’t quite enough data yet for us to be able to put a number on it, it is not too much of a stretch to believe that a commercial property that generates its own renewable energy would be desirable to buyers once it comes time to move your business.

Are Solar Panels Worth It For Your Business? You Bet!

Whether you want to go solar for the “green” benefits, or you are looking to enjoy the financial savings and security of solar installation, just about every business can benefit from solar. The key to a successful solar installation? An experienced design and installation contractor! CAM Solar is experienced and qualified to size your system based on your needs, install it with precision and craftsmanship, and help you monitor and optimize your solar PV system after it has been turned on. 

If you are looking for commercial solar in Texas or Colorado, or are just wondering whether solar can power your business, get started today by scheduling a free estimate from our team of pros!

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