May 25, 2021
Summer Solar Panels

When it comes to paying for your own system of solar panels to be installed up on your roof or somewhere on your property, there are two options for homeowners: leasing or buying solar panels.

Of course, similar to vehicles and homes, there are more benefits to owning your own solar PV system. But what exactly are those benefits, and could you get away with leasing while still benefiting from your renewable energy system? At CAM Solar, we think there are many more benefits to ownership, which is why we also offer special financing options to make solar ownership as easy and affordable as possible. So, what are the benefits of owning solar versus leasing?

Owning Solar Is an Investment

Integrating your solar PV system into your home energy system will reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint, but by leasing solar you won’t be adding an actual asset to your home. Investing in ownership of your solar PV system brings your solar panels under the umbrella of your home’s overall value, which leads nicely into our next point. 

You’ll Spend Less and Save More with Solar Ownership

Have you heard about the solar tax incentives and rebates available to reduce the cost of solar installation? Most of these incentives, like the federal solar tax credit, are not available if you don’t own the property or the panels. These incentives and rebates reduce the payback period when it comes to owning your solar PV system, meaning you can pay off your solar installation quicker and start to enjoy reduced or eliminated energy bill without the monthly payment!

Solar Increases the Value of Your Home

Potential homebuyers are looking for homes that cost less to operate, so why wouldn’t a home with little to no energy costs be worth the extra cash? On average, solar installation increases a home’s value by 4.1% (according to By leasing solar, you will no longer benefit from the increase in value, and are asking potential buyers to not only take on the new mortgage, but also the lease payments. 

In essence, solar leasing makes selling your home more complicated, and you will likely not see the increase in real estate value.

True Energy Independence

Regardless of whether you lease or own your solar PV system, you will benefit from increased energy independence. However, when you own, you are the sole proprietor of your renewable energy. This leaves the door open for adding to your capacity, or even adding battery storage, like Tesla Powerwall, with less hassle and of your own accord. This gives you the advantage of having renewable energy 24/7, during an outage or even during peak demand charging. 

Take Advantage of This Special Solar Financing Offer

The price of solar installation has dropped steadily in the last ten years, and the efficiency of solar panels continues to increase. When you combine this with the incentives like Texas and Colorado solar tax credits, and the federal solar tax credit, taking ownership of your home’s energy has never been more viable.  

Here at CAM Solar, we don’t just want to help homeowners like you go solar — we want to help set you up for lasting success with your renewable energy. Which is why we are offering a limited time special solar financing option for 2020:

Pay $0 down, with no payments for the first 12 months

This offer is available everywhere CAM Solar offers solar installation: San Antonio, Austin, Laredo, Brownsville, McAllen, Edinburgh, and Rio Grande City, TX, and Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Pueblo, CO

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