January 2, 2019

The most popular New Year’s Resolution across the world usually involves developing healthier habits — like eating more greens, making regular trips to the gym, and losing weight. The second most popular? Saving money, of course!

Now these resolutions (should you choose to stick to them…) may make your body and your bank account a little healthier. But what about one New Year’s Resolution that can help make the world we all live in healthier, and save you money all at once? Conserving energy is an important and responsible resolution to make for the year 2019, and doing so using the renewable energy of solar panels is the energy conserving path for both homeowners and businesses here in Texas and Colorado.

Solar Energy: Putting Fossil Fuels on a Diet

The carbon emissions related to fossil fuels are the main motivator for reducing your carbon footprint, and conserving energy usage related to fossil fuels. Using energy from your local power grid is using energy generated from a combination of sources, and not all of them are squeaky clean.

According to the “Geeks” over at Geek.com, global solar energy has already had a large impact on the damage that fossil fuels cause:

“The world added more solar capacity (in 2017) than coal, gas, and nuclear plants combined,” Nils Stieglitz, president of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, said.

Based on current levels of electricity generated by renewables, we’ve prevented some 1.8 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions—roughly the amount produced by the entire U.S. transportation system.

And not too far away in California, homebuilders are required to include solar panel installation on new construction projects by the year 2020. America is finally catching on to the need for renewable energy, even at the state level.

Going Solar — For Your Bank Account

Conserving your energy usage can also save you money each month on your energy bill. But those savings don’t just last a little while. A modestly sized residential or commercial solar electric system will reduce your energy bill by 50%, and last for decades. Most solar panels come with a 15 to 20 year warranty.

Now you may be thinking, “but what about the upfront costs?”.  This is what makes 2019 the best year for solar installation. The Federal government is currently still offering the Federal Investment Tax Credit, which allows you to take 30% of the cost of your solar installation, and deduct it from what you owe in Federal taxes. This tax incentive will drop after 2019, and eventually phase out by the year 2022.

And when you install your solar panels in the CAM Solar service areas of San Antonio & Austin Texas or Denver & Colorado Springs, Colorado, the CAM Solar experts will ensure that you are paired with any and all offered rebates from manufacturers, power utility companies, and state entities (in both Texas and Colorado). We stand by our promise of a 6-12% first year return on your investment with low out of pocket costs, short paybacks and solar energy for less than 5 cents per kWh.

Installation is Easy With CAM Solar

You can keep your 2019 New Years energy resolutions easier than ever, when you trust the solar specialists at CAM Solar. We will work alongside you to design a custom system to fit your home or businesses cosmetic and electronic needs, and we will handle all paperwork related to rebates, permits and inspections. Even if your roof isn’t suited for solar panel mounting, we can install a solar array on the ground of your property!

Make 2019 the year of conserving energy for your home or business — with CAM Solar! Call us at 210-227-3456 for your free solar quote today.


What’s your 2019 New Year’s Resolution?

Make it energy conservation, with CAM Solar.


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