April 23, 2020
Tesla powerwall powering a lit house

Even before many of us were asked to stay home to keep our families, coworkers, and communities safe, there had been a 91% growth in remote work over the last ten years. More and more homeowners are working from home, which in this example from nearby Austin, TX has led to a 12% increase in electricity usage per home, even just since March of this year!

So how can you leverage renewable solar energy, and the solar storage options like Tesla Powerwall to keep your lights, computers, and printers on, while using the maximum amount of solar energy and reducing your energy costs? 

Taking Advantage of Solar Plus Storage

One of the most common questions about residential solar energy is, “Can I still use solar energy when the sun goes down?” Unfortunately, solar panels will only produce energy when there is sunlight available to convert to electricity. On cloudy days, a solar PV system can still produce electricity, just less of it, and at night, solar production will cease until sunrise.

This is where solar battery storage comes in. By using batteries to store the energy from your solar panels, you can save any excess energy produced during the day, and use it during times of low solar production. This not only allows you to use all of the electricity your panels produce, but there are financial advantages as well!

Offset Work From Home Usage

Working from home has its advantages, but one expense to account for is the increase in energy usage during the day. Many homeowners are using their computers and printers more often, using the kitchen during lunch time, and probably throwing in an extra load of laundry or two (since it's so convenient!). Installing solar panels and Tesla Powerwall can help offset that excess energy use, and keep your devices, appliances, and oftentimes the internet up and running even during an unexpected outage. 

Time of Use Rates

If your utility company uses time of use rates for hours of peak energy usage, you can utilize Tesla Powerwall to avoid higher electricity rates.

So, instead of relying on your utility-supplied power during the peak times — like weekdays between 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm between the months of June and September for Xcel Energy customers — you can use your own solar energy regardless of whether the sun is shining or the clouds are reducing your solar output. This reduces your yearly energy costs, while also reducing the strain on the electrical grid during times of high demand. 

Take Control of Your Home Energy with Tesla Powerwall

If you are transitioning into the “work from home” lifestyle for the foreseeable future, you can expect your energy bills will increase, and you will need to depend on your home electricity to be there when you need it. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, your energy costs, and your risk of an unexpected power outage in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Pueblo, CO, as well as San Antonio, Austin, Laredo and Texas’s Rio Grande Valley, schedule a free solar quote with CAM Solar!

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