September 9, 2016
Outdoor Solar Panel

Solar energy can save you money, pull you off the grid, and in some cases, provide you with a source of income. In Texas, where there is plenty of sunlight all year, installing solar panels can have a high pay off.

If you are considering installing solar panels and wondering just how much power you need to make it worthwhile, CAM Solar will help you calculate how much power you need.


The amount of solar power you need is largely dependent on your home’s construction and your lifestyle. While there is no perfect formula for determining the amount of in-home energy consumption, there are general benchmarks you should consider. Power requirements for large homes are higher which may require your home to be supplemented with the power grid.

Two essential things to take into account when determining your energy usage are your heating and cooling costs.


Determining how many solar panels to buy means looking at both the available surface on your roof and the particular climate and peak sunlight in your neighborhood. In addition, you need to look at the relative efficiency of the photovoltaic technology and wattage of your panels and if net metering is available. The more occupants and devices in your home, the more power is required overall.

Top-tier solar panels can provide 20 to 22 percent efficiency, and each panel offers 327W. Calculating your power needs realistically is integral to figuring out how much solar power you need and how many panels you require. For example, a large four-person home with a dishwasher, washing machine, standby appliances and multiple TVs requires an approximately 5kW solar panel array.


If you are planning to store energy and live off the grid, this must also be taken into account in determining how much power your panels need to produce. However, modern battery technology is so advanced that you can store the amount of power you need in a small space.

Finding out the capacity of your lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries is essential to calculating power production as well. Also, keep in mind the amount of power you are allowed to produce before you are required to obtain an electrical permit. Understanding the amount of power you would require to go off the grid and the amount that would necessitate a permit is important in figuring out how much solar power you need.

During our free on-site consultation we will be able to calculate your home’s power usage, model the efficiency and placement of various solar panel systems on your home, and give you an estimated outcome of installing solar power. Contact CAM Solar today for your free on site consultation!


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