June 17, 2021
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Taking the leap away from the safety net of the electricity grid has many advantages, as more homeowners across the country (and especially in Colorado and Texas) are learning. If you are looking to power your home with solar, get a backup power solution, or take your home off-grid with Tesla Powerwall or another type of solar battery storage solution, the details are important, like how much it will cost upfront, how much your maintenance costs will be, and much more. But one of the most important questions for many homeowners looking to get a solar battery storage system is: How long can I run my house off the Tesla Powerwall system?

Just like every other aspect of solar installation, there isn’t one single clear answer to this question that would apply to every home. But here at CAM Solar, as a certified installer of Tesla Powerwall, we can tell you what you might be able to expect, based on your circumstances. 

When Would You Use Your Battery?

Battery storage allows homeowners to save electricity from an energy source for later use. Tesla Powerwall in particular can save electricity from your solar PV panels, or in certain configurations, it can save electricity from the grid. This stored electricity is then used when solar panels are not producing enough electricity, like at night, or when you want to avoid peak demand charging periods from your utility. Most importantly, this stored electricity can be used throughout a power outage to keep the lights on.

DID YOU KNOW: A standard, grid-connected solar PV system will not provide a home with electricity during a grid power outage.


For a home running solely on a battery storage system during extended outages, like the one this last year in Texas, Tesla Powerwall should be able to keep all of the renewable electricity you need coming out of your outlets through the daytime and into the night—but how long will that last? 

Well, that depends if you’re continuously charging your Powerwall from your solar panels in off-grid mode and what essential energy loads you need to run to outlast the power outage.

Tesla Powerwall: An Estimated of 3-5 Days of Power

According to the product specifications from Tesla, the 13.5kW capacity of a Tesla Powerwall battery system, set up in the recommended configuration, should last about 3-5 days depending on what essentials you need to run and if you’re not replenishing the stored electricity from your solar panels. The more Tesla Powerwall batteries you install, and the lower your energy use, the longer it will last!

This is why the design of your solar PV system and accompanying battery storage is so important. Sized too small for your home’s energy use, and your battery won’t last as long (or you will have to turn off appliances).  You also need to determine what you consider to be your essential energy loads during a power outage? For example, if you need to run your AC during an outage with a Tesla Powerwall, we’ll need to build this into your design sizing. 

If you want to make the energy from your Tesla Powerwall last past the estimated days during an extended power outage, you can extend your battery life by:

  • Minimizing HVAC use

  • Wash your dishes by hand

  • Hang dry your clothes when possible

  • Reduce electric oven range usage

If your solar battery system can switch into off-grid mode once a power outage is detected, you can continue to charge your solar battery from the energy generated by your solar panels. In this scenario, your Tesla Powerwall will continue to provide power to your home to run your essential energy loads until the grid comes back online. 

Learn About Your Battery Storage Options with CAM Solar

Like we mentioned at the beginning, the details of how long any solar battery storage system can provide energy for your home will vary depending on the size, shape, location, and energy usage of your property. 

If you want to get an idea for what you can expect when it comes to Tesla Powerwall and solar installation, the best way to go is with a free solar quote from CAM Solar. We know what it takes to design and install successful solar PV systems throughout Aurora, Pueblo, Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs, Colorado, and our Texas offices serve the local solar installer needs of San Antonio, Austin, Laredo, and the Rio Grande Valley.

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