January 3, 2020
white Tesla Powerwall

You’ve probably already heard about Tesla’s newest electric vehicles, or maybe even their innovative solar panels. Homeowners throughout Texas and Colorado that are on the up and up when it comes to solar battery technology may be wondering, just how does Tesla Powerwall work in relation to solar energy?

Home solar PV (photovoltaic) and Tesla Powerwall battery package can do wonders in reducing your carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels, decreasing your reliance on the electricity grid, and nearly eliminating your electricity bills. Before you pull the trigger on combining your solar electric system with a home battery backup, here’s what the Tesla Powerwall certified installer at CAM Solar think you need to know about what makes Tesla Powerwall a little different than other solar panel battery systems. 

How Solar Battery Storage Works

Battery storage stores electricity that your solar panels convert during the daytime, so that it can be used overnight or when there is a power outage giving you a self-powered home 24/7. 

Solar battery storage systems are also sometimes referred to as “off-grid solar”, because they do not require a connection to the greater electricity grid (when properly sized and designed), though your system can still be connected to your utility grid. Tesla Powerwall is a solar battery that can be combined with your custom-designed solar PV system and it comes with innovative benefits!

Tesla Powerwall Time-Based Control

For homeowners throughout Colorado that pay their electricity bill to Excel Energy, you may already be familiar with “time of use” electricity rates. This is when the utility company charges a higher rate during times of high energy demand throughout the year. Other utilities across Texas and Colorado may also utilize ‘time of use’ peak charging. Powerwall helps homeowners maximize energy savings during peak, off-peak, and shoulder demand times by smartly charging and discharging electricity loads with their Time-Based Control feature. 

Energy Forecasting

Powerwall accomplishes this by continuously running an “energy forecast” to  learn the patterns of your energy use, as well as the seasonal solar production of your specific location. This energy forecast allows for optimal energy usage throughout the year, and over time will get more and more efficient.

For example, if the forecast shows that you are likely to use energy during peak demand time, Powerwall prioritizes charging during off-peak times and discharging during peak periods.

Smartphone Control

All of this smart energy monitoring can be watched and adjusted through an app on your phone. The Tesla App allows you to enter and adjust the peak and off-peak times in your area, see your solar production and battery charge, and know when you are powering your home with Powerwall!

Trust CAM Solar with Your Solar Storage Needs

As a Certified Installer of Tesla Powerwall throughout Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Aurora, CO and San Antonio, Austin, and Rio Grande Valley, TX, CAM Solar is ready and waiting to answer all of your Tesla related questions (and more).  Tesla Powerwall can be retrofitted to fit existing systems, included in a new proposal, or even installed without Solar PV on your home. 

Are you wondering how much a Tesla Powerwall costs, how long does a Tesla battery last, or maybe you’re concerned that if your Powerwall malfunctions, what a Tesla battery replacement costs? 

Even if you have an existing solar PV system and are curious how much battery for your solar panels will suffice, our team of solar experts are standing by, and waiting to answer your questions. Get in touch with your Denver, Austin, Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio Tesla Powerwall authorized experts today. 

Curious how Tesla Powerwall can maximize your home solar PV system? See if Powerwall is right for your home with a free CAM Solar quote. Call us at 210-227-3456 or get in touch today.


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