December 23, 2016
Solar Panel Installation

Connecting your solar panel system to the grid has a ton of benefits including selling power back to your utility provider and having the security that your home will always have access to electricity. The process can be difficult if you are planning a do it yourself solar installation project, so it is best to leave an installation project to professionals. The pay off having continuous power and the financial reward from selling your power back to the utility provider is well worth connecting to the grid.


First, you need the proper equipment to convert the electricity produced by a solar panel to one that can be used throughout your home and on the grid. The electricity produced from a solar panel is direct current (DC) and only flows in one direction. Direct current will need to be converted to alternating current (AC) which flows in both directions. Appliances and most modern electronics are powered by alternating current because the high voltage alternating current is easier and more efficient to send long distances through power lines and wires.

Having the ability to convert your electricity from DC to AC will give you the option of using a grid-tied system through a local utility provider. Grid-tied systems save you money through rebates when you use less energy than your solar panels created.


Local utility providers will be able to help you connect your system to the grid. Having a grid connection is the only way to get the financial incentives for solar energy. Since Texas has some of the best deductions and rebates for solar energy, the utility workers are familiar with it. You can even get a hybrid electricity plan that has a cost based on your solar-panel production and your energy consumption.


Texas offers great rebates and tax savings for supporting solar-energy practices. Here are some examples:

  • The Interconnection Standards program offers a rebate for connecting your solar systems to the grid.
  • CPS Energy’s Solar PV Rebate program provides a way for homeowners to save $1.60 a watt on the first 25 kW and then $1.30 per watt thereafter.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Guarantee program allows you to get a private loan that you don’t need to repay for up to 30 years or 90 percent of your financed asset’s life.
  • You can get solar-panel tax credits of 30 percent back on what you’ve spent on residential solar-panel systems.


A professional installation will ensure that your system is safely installed. Our team at CAM Solar strives to save you money. As a local installer for the San Antonio and Austin area, we have the experience to understand your installation and connection needs. When you choose CAM Solar to install your system we will cover everything from planning and permitting to taking the best advantage of rebates and incentives for you.

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