May 6, 2021
Colorado Home Solar

There are so many factors to consider when you are a homeowner looking into the pros and cons of solar energy, like the amount of sunshine available in your particular area, what direction your roof faces, the pitch of your roof, the available utility rebate programs, and of course, your bottom line!

So when it comes to looking at solar panel installation here in Fort Collins, is it really worth it? Of course, no two situations will be exactly alike, but here is what you need to know about installing solar panels at your Fort Collins home or commercial property. 

Solar Isn’t as Expensive as it Used to Be

The bottom line can often make or break whether someone decides to go solar or not, so the real question is, how much does solar cost? The price of solar panels used to be prohibitive, but as solar panel manufacturing, as well as solar panel efficiency, have increased over the last decade, they have become increasingly feasible for homeowners all over the country.

There are also multiple rebates and solar incentives available to homeowners here in Fort Collins that can reduce the overall cost of solar installation. Rebates and incentives in Colorado include:

The Federal Solar Tax Credit in 2021 

This tax incentive allows you to reduce what you owe in federal taxes by 26% of your total installation costs (though this percentage will drop to just 22% after 2022). This incentive can be used for the year you installed solar—however, if the tax reduction amount covers more than what you owe in federal taxes, you can roll the remainder over to the next year. 

Solar Rebates From Fort Collins Utilities

Get a rebate of $1,000 for your newly installed system from Fort Collins Utilities

Net Metering

Through the Fort Collins Utilities net metering program, you can receive an energy bill credit for any excess electricity your solar panels generate. This credit can often offset any remaining energy costs from grid-supplied energy your home uses when the sun goes down!

There Is Plenty of Sunshine in Fort Collins

Did you know that Fort Collins gets an average of 230 days of sunshine every year? That’s more than enough sunshine to make your custom solar PV system a valuable asset for your home, and for your monthly utility costs. This underscores the importance of trusting a solar installation company with local expertise, like CAM Solar. 

Depending on your energy goals, CAM Solar can match you with a system that provides the maximum amount of free, renewable solar energy while also keeping your installation costs as low as possible. 

There Is More Than One Kind of Solar PV System

Not all systems of solar PV panels are the same—there are multiple types of systems. The type of system homeowners are most familiar with is a grid-tied system, in which your solar panels provide energy for your home when the sun is out, but once the sun goes down, the electrical grid takes over. These types of systems will also shut down during a power outage, meaning they will not keep the lights on when there is a blackout. 

However, there is hope if you are looking to gain greater independence from the grid! With battery storage options like Tesla Powerwall, you can save any of the excess energy your panels produce and use it at a more convenient time like at night, during a power outage or during peak charging periods. These systems can be designed to operate independently of the grid when the grid goes down, which will help reduce your reliance on your utility and rising energy costs for the life of your system.

Fort Collins’ Solar Installation Company

If you are looking for an investment that offers multiple benefits, and an impressive ROI (return on investment), schedule a free solar quote with the solar company that homeowners in Fort Collins trust. Adding solar to your home means you can expect your:

  • Home resale value to increase

  • Monthly electric bills to decrease

  • Carbon footprint to shrink

What more could you want from a home upgrade? Call CAM Solar today and schedule a free solar quote to learn how much solar can save you.

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