January 14, 2019
solar panels on neighborhood homes

You already know the saying— “everything is bigger in Texas.” But even the renewable power of the solar energy is proving that cliche is as true as ever!

According to the Solar Energy Industries Foundation, some of Texas’s larger companies have “gone solar,” including Applied Materials, Campbell's Soup and FedEx. And with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems popping up on more and more residential roofs and buildings, the potential savings in energy costs can be very enticing. After all, who wouldn’t want to see their energy bill shrink and wither like a raisin in the Texas sun—the same sun that could be providing you with free, green, renewable energy?

So, what does going solar look like here in Texas?

What Is the Process of Going Solar?

The benefits of solar are what have made solar PV systems a popular home energy solution. However, solar PV panels aren’t something you can just walk into a store and buy. And even if you could, each home requires a custom approach when it comes to making the most out of the peak sunlight a home receives each day. Going solar the right way involves working with a local contractor like CAM Solar (we have an offices in San Antonio and also serve Austin).

Once we have spoken with you about your goals for going solar, we will do an on-site evaluation of your home to determine a custom-designed system that will fit your exact needs. From there, our Texas solar experts will pair you with any and all available rebates, tax incentives, and utility programs to make your new solar installation as affordable as possible.

The Federal Investment Tax Credit

The federal government is currently incentivizing homeowners to increase their energy conservation by offering a tax deduction of 30% of the cost of a solar system. This means that on a system that costs $20,000 to install, you can take $6,000 off what you owe on your federal taxes. And if you already owe less than your deduction, you can roll over the remainder to the taxes of the next fiscal year!

Texas Solar Utility Rebate Programs

In both San Antonio and Austin (as well as other cities), local utility companies are offering to “buy back” the excess electricity that your new solar electric system. A properly designed and installed solar electric system will harness more energy from than your home can use. So your power utility company will buy back that electricity, which offsets the cost of the energy you use overnight while the sun is down.

The “Current” State of Texas Solar

With the boom in solar companies popping up in Texas, we expect to also see a continuing boom in residential and commercial installations. So as the price of solar has continued to drop, and state and federal incentives are extended and innovated (even after taking into account the current Trump Administration solar import tariffs), you can certainly expect to see more and more solar panels in neighborhoods all across Texas. And getting in early means you can start saving money on your energy bills, sooner!

Get Your Free, No Obligation Solar Quote

CAM Solar wants to provide a bright future for our homes and neighbors. Our solar specialists will provide you with a no obligation solar quote, so that you can have all the numbers before you sign on the dotted line. When you are ready to see what your monthly energy bill could look like when you utilize the energy of the sun, call CAM Solar!

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