September 25, 2010
Haiti Press Release Picture: Man Standing next to Solar Groundmounts

SEPTEMBER 25, 2010

CAM Solar, Inc. decided to volunteer to install an off-grid solar photovoltaic system for the Louverture-Cleary School, located outside of Port Au Prince, Haiti, after reading an article in the Wall Street Journal just weeks after the devastating earthquake which struck the area in January 2010. The island has a notoriously unreliable electrical grid and a severe problem keeping its water supply clean. CAM Solar believed solar electricity would be an excellent way to make a difference, while teaching a few of the locals about how solar energy systems work and how to install and maintain them. Brian Cullen and Daniel Moyer of CAM Solar, Inc. travelled to Haiti and installed the 5 kW off-grid system on the roof of the administration building of the Louverture-Cleary School. This reduction in the load helped to power many computers, fans, lights, a refrigerator and freezer, and a water cooler. The water cooler may sound trivial but for the people living in this area, having clean (known as “potable”) drinking water has been difficult to maintain, especially after the earthquake. Much of the time the water is warm, therefore having cold water to drink is a luxury. This was especially clear to the installation team, after spending five days in Haiti, a cold glass of water right before leaving for home was a simple pleasure that did not go under-appreciated in the steamy Haitian climate and gave the team a renewed appreciation for some of the simple things we take for granted in the U.S. It was also a reminder of why this mission is so important. The CAM Solar team completed the solar installation with just fifteen minutes to spare before they had to leave for the thirty-minute ride back to the airport. CAM Solar continues to communicate with the leadership at the school and plans to return to the fine island nation in the years to come to help instruct the local population on how they can take advantage of all the energy the sun has to offer them. Congratulations Louverture-Cleary School!


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