December 4, 2019
solar panels on a residential building

When it comes to investing in the future of your home, you want to make the best choice you possibly can. No one wants to fall victim to a sneaky sales tactic or make a rushed decision without all the information. For homeowners curious about solar, that means understanding how susceptible solar panels are to being damaged by the elements. 

Throughout Colorado, “the elements” include an expected 10 to 15 days of hail per year, and the future is forecasted to bring “more hailstorms, more hailstorm reporting and a greater percentage of reports of larger hailstones” according to Sam Childs in a recent article from the Denver Post. Texas is no stranger to damaging hail storms either, as between 9 and 12 hail days occurred in the Texas panhandle between 2007 and 2010.

As the trusted turnkey solar installation provider for Austin, San Antonio, the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, Denver, Colorado Springs, Centennial, Pueblo, and Fort Collins, Colorado, we spend our days talking to many Texans and Coloradans wanting to know everything there is to know about solar panels, including  what happens to solar panels in a hail storm and how they can protect their solar investment from damage. Here is what you should know about solar panel storm damage and the durability of the solar panels we trust here at CAM Solar.

Solar Panel Hail Protection

The first thing you should know about the potential for your newly installed solar panels to be damaged is that any solar panel manufacturer worth their salt has tested their solar panels against the harshest hail conditions. CAM Solar installs Mission Solar Panels as well as Panasonic HIT solar panels, both of which have gone through extensive testing. 

Mission Solar Panels vs. a Tank

When we were searching for solar panels made close to our CAM Solar San Antonio office, we were delighted to find Mission Solar Panels. Why, you ask? They’ve tested their solar panels against water, ice, and hail, and then they even took it a few steps further:

So, how big of hail can mission solar panels handle? Maybe not the size of a tank shell, but if hail that size is falling on your home, you’ll have bigger problems than a broken solar panel. 

Panasonic Solar Panels vs. Hail

Panasonic Solar panels are tested to withstand a 1" hailstone at 52 mph without incurring damage. They are also tested to withstand 5400 Pa of weight force — equivalent to over 2,000 pounds — and are some of the best performing solar panels available on the market today. 

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

The solar panels of today are designed (and warrantied) to last upwards of 25 years. A solar panel warranty covers energy production as well as the actual equipment. If something goes wrong with the solar panels themselves, your manufacturer’s warranty should cover it.  

Plus, if you partner with CAM Solar for your residential or commercial solar installation, hail damage is covered under the unrivaled CAM Solar extended warranty. With CAM Solar by your side, you will have no problems getting your damaged solar panels repaired (if they ever even need it).

Go CAM Solar & Protect Your Investment

If you are looking for the best solar panels available, as well as a solar panel repair warranty to keep your mind at ease, give the team at CAM Solar a call. We will make sure each and every one of your questions is answered, and we can even give you a free evaluation to give you an idea of what solar installation will cost for your home. 

Are you concerned hail will damage your solar panels? There’s a solar solution for you. Schedule a free solar evaluation with CAM Solar today by calling 210-227-3456 or you can get in touch here.


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