November 29, 2021
Solar Sustainable

You know sustainable living is important and that solar panels are good for the environment, but just how sustainable are solar panels? This amazing technology is one of the easiest ways to embrace sustainable energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

There’s a lot to love about going solar—its ability to make your Denver or San Antonio lifestyle more sustainable is just one of its major advantages! CAM Solar’s team of experts has over 30 years of experience in sustainable solar energy technology. We help homeowners save money, save the planet, and be energy independent

Here are five ways solar energy can help you lead a more sustainable life:  

1. Cut Ties With Fossil Fuels

Solar panels can effortlessly power your home whenever the sun’s high in the sky, allowing you to use less energy from your local grid, and therefore, less fossil fuels. This alone can majorly offset your home’s energy costs over the course of a year!  

However, if you’re pursuing total energy independence from the electric grid to avoid power outages and time of use-rates, a solar battery like the Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Encharge can keep your home powered by renewable energy even when the sun isn’t shining. Battery storage is also a more sustainable option for backup power than generators, which typically run on fossil fuels and requires regular maintenance.

2. Lighten the Load on Your Local Grid

Imagine that your local grid is a giant oak tree and the homes in your community are rope swings. Over time, more and more swings (homes) have been added to the branches of the tree, making its load heavier and heavier. If you’re able to remove the weight of your home from one of its branches—or even just cut your weight in half—the tree will have less strain and be able to better support all the other rope swings, making it more reliable and less likely to experience outages. This means more people have better and more reliable access to power.

Plus, the fewer people relying on the grid, the less energy it needs to generate, further reducing fossil fuel consumption and improving the sustainability of your community.

3. Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Before going solar, it’s wise to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency in other ways to reduce your energy consumption first. It’d be a real shame to pay for a solar system that’s larger than your needs by working in the opposite direction!

As a homeowner, you can reduce your energy consumption in general by upgrading your home’s insulation, replacing old appliances with high-efficiency alternatives, adding air sealing, and more! By doing so, you'll need fewer solar panels to meet your energy needs, saving you money on the installation costs, preventing you from paying for a larger system than you need and increasing your home’s sustainability right away.

4. Invest Energy Savings Back Into the Community

The best part about solar power is that once you have the systems in place to generate electricity, the energy itself is completely free—both in terms of cost and guilt! Solar energy allows you to drastically reduce and even eliminate your energy costs altogether.

While it’s great to have extra cash in your pocket, you can also choose to make a one-time or monthly contribution to a local charity championing green energy and sustainability initiatives. By donating to a tax-exempt organization like a non-profit, you can reduce your own taxable income and further contribute to the sustainability of your community.

5. Support Local Businesses

Shopping locally is an investment in your community. It’s estimated that for every 100 dollars spent at a local business, $68 will stay in your community. When you shop at nearby chain retailers, the investment in your community drops significantly to $43. Shopping locally also requires less packaging, less fuel for transportation, and less impact on your local infrastructure as a result, making your purchases more sustainable! CAM Solar installs locally in Denver, San Antonio and Austin and uses only the best products on the market including American-made Mission solar panels and manufactured in the USA, Panasonic solar panels. By working with a local solar company like CAM Solar, you and our community will all benefit. 

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