November 18, 2021
Thankful Solar

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at CAM Solar! We’re dedicating time to celebrate everything we’re thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches, and if you know anything about us, you might not be surprised to learn that solar energy is at the top of the list! The benefits of solar enable us to support our community, our environment, and ourselves with sustainable energy, greater energy independence, and lower electricity costs. 

If you’ve been wondering about the difference that solar energy could make for your home in San Antonio, TX or Fort Collins, CO, read on to learn more about why you too can feel grateful for solar energy.

1. Sustainability

Solar energy is sustainable by its very nature. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity for your home without relying on fossil fuels or emitting any harmful carbon dioxide!

It’s estimated that the sun sends more energy to the earth in one hour than our entire world uses in a year! This is one example of how ample the opportunities are for solar energy when we take advantage of its potential. Solar is an inexhaustible energy resource ready to help power our lives cleanly and efficiently. 

2. Electricity Bill Savings for Families and Communities 

Like all utility bills, electricity costs often seem like they are always on the rise. By making the switch to solar, homeowners from Denver to Austin and beyond can lock in their electricity costs for the entire life of their solar system—25+ years! This can add up to major savings over the life of your system. 

3. Boost for Local Economy and Jobs

The solar industry is growing fast, and it’s growing in your own backyard! As more and more homeowners look to solar energy to power their homes, we’re grateful to see solar job opportunities on the rise in our communities. Currently, over 6,771 Coloradans work in solar, and 10,088 Texans. Both statistics are projected to inflate with the rising popularity of solar energy! 

4. Energy Independence

Texans recently saw the impact of an insufficiently winterized grid and its consequent failure across Houston in early 2021. The result was a catastrophe, resulting in the deaths of at least 151 people (and some experts say hundreds more), and impacted millions of people—around 70% of those reliant on the local grid. 

As a result, homeowners across the country are increasingly interested in energy independence from their local grid. Achieving energy independence with a solar system equipped with a solar battery like the Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Encharge allows homes to stay safe and comfortable year-round during the day and at night, with no potential for power outages and the dangers that come with them.

5. Great for the Environment

We feel grateful every day for solar power as a reliable source of renewable energy. Solar is a clean energy source in that it has little to no impact on the environment. Solar power doesn’t pollute the air you breathe, the water you drink, or the soil you might play on with your kiddos! Furthermore, solar doesn’t rely on practices that are very harmful to the environment, like fracking. 

Secure a Brighter Future with CAM Solar

It’s easy to see why we’re thankful for solar energy every day at CAM Solar. If you’re ready to learn more about embracing solar energy, we can help you understand solar panel costs as a solar provider near you in TX and CO! CAM Solar has decades of experience managing every step of the solar process, including helping homeowners earn solar rebates and incentives across Texas and Colorado.  

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