The Benefits of Residential Solar Energy

The ability to harness the natural, renewable energy from the sun and turn it into usable power is often what inspires homeowners and businesses alike to install solar electric systems on their rooftops. But the power to convert your own energy at home provides far-reaching benefits that will leave you happy you invested in your own energy source. 

Whether you are looking to integrate solar into your grid-supplied residential energy system, or you are looking to take your home off the grid, low-cost solar panels make sense both for your wallet and for the environment—here’s how. 


Even during the small portion of days per year that we experience cloudy gray skies in Texas and Colorado, a system of residential solar panels designed and installed by a team of local experts will provide your home with renewable energy 365 days a year—even on cloudy days! Yes, solar panels require sunlight to convert to electricity, but even when the blue sky is concealed by cloud cover, some sunlight will still make it to your panels (though it will be much less). 

This underscores the importance of solar design—a trusted solar installation contractor will account for days of both high and low solar production, as well as your unique energy needs throughout the year. The more accurately your solar PV system and optional solar battery storage system are designed to harness the peak sunlight your home or business receives, the more renewable energy you can use in your home instead of paying your local energy utility for electricity!

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Say Goodbye to Electricity Bills

Solar PV systems installed by CAM Solar have an inside monitoring system, so you can observe in real time just how much energy your system is producing at any given time, revealing how much you’re saving. In fact, you can actually earn money by gaining credits on your account with your utility company by producing extra energy that is sent back to the grid to be used by other homes and businesses. This is called net metering, and when you install low-cost solar panels, you can sit back and watch your meter run backward!

Reduce your Environmental Impact

The less grid-supplied energy your home uses, the lower your carbon footprint. You can say goodbye to your high electricity bill (in some cases, we are even able to entirely eliminate it!) and minimize your reliance on fossil fuels, which create carbon emissions and can cause damage to our local and global environment. 


100 Million

Tonnes of carbon dioxide saved annually by all solar energy users.


Installing Solar Is Affordable

You probably know that installing solar panels is the right thing to do for the environment, but you may still wonder, is now the right time? Consider this: energy costs in the US have been rising steadily since 2001, at an average rate of 3.75% each year. Yet solar costs in Texas and Colorado have decreased 45% in the last five years! The sooner you invest in solar energy, the sooner you can start saving and avoid the uncertainty of grid-supplied electricity!

Plus, there are many rebates and incentives for installing solar panels for every home in our service area, which includes San Antonio, Laredo, Austin and the Rio Grande Valley here in Texas, and Aurora, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Golden, and Denver in Colorado. 

Rebates and Incentives for Saving on Solar Installation:

  • Save 26% of your total installation costs when you complete and switch on your installation before the end of 2022 through the federal solar tax credit 

  • Save an additional $1,000 through the residential solar Colorado and Texas state tax credits

  • Utility Rebates available in Colorado and Texas

  • Own your solar panels and pay for them over time, through $0 and no payments for 12 months financing

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Invest in the Future of Energy for Your Texas or Colorado Home

A CAM Solar energy system is designed for peak performance. No other company’s engineering comes close to CAM Solar’s; our solar electric systems reflect our extensive experience and utilization of proven energy reduction techniques. Whether residential or commercial, our low-cost solar panels help you save money and the environment. As veteran solar installers, we have 30 years of experience in placing, mounting, and installing solar modules, both on roofs and on the ground. Let us put our knowledge to work for you; go CAM Solar today!

Installing solar panels on your roof provides more than just energy savings. Ask CAM Solar how you can benefit from solar today! Schedule a free solar estimate by calling 210-227-3456 or get in touch here.



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