Home with solar panels on roof

Mono Vs. Poly Solar Panels

One of the first questions to consider when shopping for solar panels for your home or business is whether you should pick mono or poly solar panels. Both mono and poly solar panels are made of silicon, have silicon molded into crystalline forms, but there are some major differences between the two types, and each has their advantages and disadvantages.

House with solar panels

What are Solar Carports?

Solar carports are ground-mounted solar panels that are installed above driveways and parking lots to form a carport. Solar carports provide shade and protection to vehicles below, and efficiently produce electricity. Solar carports are great for large parking lots, home driveways, and anything in between.

An off grid solar home

Living Off the Grid in Texas

Off the grid living is growing in popularity with a rise in innovative green living design and practices. Living off the grid requires a lot of planning and working within the boundaries of state and local laws.

For some areas in Texas, homes have always been off the grid. Some cabins, lodges, farmhouses, and homes are too far away from a power grid to make connecting feasible.

dark clouds in a neighborhood

Do Solar Panels Work on Cloudy Days?

Solar panels still produce energy on overcast days; they just produce less of it.

Solar output on cloudy days runs at about 25% of average capacity. The panels still work, but they are working with their energy source being blocked for the most part. Both clouds and fog still allow some sun to reach your roof. Solar cells are made to capture a broad range of the solar spectrum. This allows the panels to continue working even on overcast days.